Anyone see Bloomberg’s train wreck interview?

(Video by Colion Noir.)

This guy has no clue about firearms of any type.

Describing assault weapons as a gun you hold the trigger down on and it goes “blububububub”. Even the reporter was like “that’s an automatic weapon and are already banned…”


He’s a real “jewel”. I don’t know of any 3 shot handguns.

What an idiot.

T-minus 10 months until election day. Can’t wait to see which one of these clowns gets tossed into the meat grinder. :rofl:

Let me help


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That’s the first I’ve heard of him, Noir was one point with just about everything he.

Well done…and he exposed just who and what Nanny Bloomberg truly is.

I’m pretty sure he would like to ban them all.

I want to know what they intend to do that I would need a gun to shoot them for.

Speaking of which, this interview might hurt his odds of breaking the 10% mark. :rofl:

I wouldn’t pin this solely on Bloomberg. I’d bet hard money that most of the candidates don’t have much better comprehension of the issue than this and think pretty much the same thing.

He’s just the idiot that said it on tape in an interview.

I need a meme for these gun threads…