Anyone remember when some republicans argued that social media was beneath the Office of the Presidency?

I certainly do and I argued with those people repeatedly that it was not.

And I was wrong.

I now see exactly what they were talking about. The office of the presidency needs to be more prepared/professional with it’s statements and social media is not the environment to do that.

I’m hoping this first foray by a president into social media (constantly) will teach future presidents what not to do.


I remember when Obama joined Twitter and Republicans went nuts

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And weren’t his tweets limited?

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No, but I remember how Obama used the media to influence public opinion.

Next year, after fat donald is gone, I’m sure the next president will not be touching Twitter with a ten foot pole.
I predict Twitter will be losing a ■■■■ load of money since people will start losing interest.

Is there anything Obama did that Republicans railed against that they still rail against?

Debt and deficit, no longer an issue.
Meeting dictators without pre-conditions, no longer an issue.
Golfing, tweeting, lying, governing with EOs, constant campaign mode, teleprompters, all okay now.


The user is the problem, not the medium.


That’s what presidents do. What’s wrong with it? Are you suggesting Trump isn’t trying to do the same?

I actually think you’re correct. I see the Dem candidate promising during a debate “No more tweets.” And its gonna get a crazy round of applause. Just official White House statements via tweet.

Pols have the self control of a 16 year old boy on viagra, they’ll tweeter.

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They’re going to have to protect themselves from the constant lies that Donald Trump tweets. Twitter will be the best method.

Personally I wish no none of them would tweet etc. It’s one of the things that irritates me about Trump. Let your communications director handle that stuff.

I couldn’t disagree more. I want unfiltered thoughts, not crafted messages.

Well, I see your point and I can agree with not wanting a crafted message. I guess upon reflection it’s not so much the message in the tweets that irritate me (although sometimes I myself have a smack on the forehead reaction) it’s the reactions of total hysteria.

We’ll get our chance. :wink:

To get hysterical?? Sounds like fun. :rofl:

Yeah…now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s completely different…amirite? :sunglasses:


On the old board a few years back, there was a thread about racist tweets directed towards Obama. One ardent conservative argued that Obama deserves to be called the N-word because it’s beneath the president to even spend his time on Twitter.


I disagree. That’s what fat donald wants, a twitter war because he can’t argue face to face.
I predict he won’t do any debates against the D nominee because they’re rigged.