Anyone getting any scam calls about your investments?

Hasn’t happened to me, but one of my investment firms sent out a blanket email warning folks of scam calls and emails regarding their accounts.

Apparently scammers are out in force, trying to get access to people’s investment accounts, and probably bank and savings accounts as well.

Anyone here been getting those types of contacts?

I haven’t but the vultures always come out in a crisis to take advantage of people, they should be offered a blind fold and put against the wall.

If i don’t know who’s calling i just don’t answer. I used to get scam calls before i started doing that though.

Most anybody that means anybody to me is on my list of contacts which means their name will pop up.


I’ve been getting voicemails from west coast states in Chinese for about 6 months tho.

Clearly, a plot is afoot.

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