Anyone else have this mobile issue? Thread won’t stay on post I scroll to

On some threads, when I’m on my mobile device, I will scroll to a post, but then the screen will auto-scroll back upmto the post I initially landed on in the thread.

Nothing I do seems to prevent this from happening.

Does anyone else have this issue?


I think it’s due to ads but i could be wrong. i have the same issue.

Thanks. Will go back to ad block.

I’m having the exact same issue. I created a thread on mobile scrolling months ago, and nothing was ever addressed in it.

It’s becoming almost unreadable. It takes me five or six tries just to scroll down to a particular post. The jumps are beyond frustrating. Trying to figure out exactly how high I bounced back, or down, trying to figure out what post I was attempting to read… time to find an adblocker on mobile.

Yes I have the same problem and I agree I think it’s ads loading. I haven’t put an ad blocker on my phone. If anyone does that and sees if the issue corrected, it’s be a major solid if you reported back to us if it works.

Oh DEFINITELY install an ad blocker.

That was indeed the issue.

I switched to desktop version on my phone. That resolved the issue.

Adblocker for sure will fix that.