Anybody receive an IRS envelope Notice 1444?

The mail was paid for by the Internal Revenue Service.

All it does is tell people they’ve gotten their stimulus money via direct deposit.

Did this have to be sent out? Surely people who use direct deposit will know they got their stimulus?

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Our economic stimulation hits the bank this Wednesday. Nothing posted for dependents though. :man_shrugging:

I was actually more interested to learn if you’d received a letter from the IRS with Notice 1444, signed by Trump. :wink:

At one point there was a brouhaha because Trump wanted to sign the checks everyone was going to be getting. When that wasn’t allowed, he apparently decided to send out a letter with his signature telling people what to do with their check, with the help of the IRS, using his much despised Post Office to send these millions of letters for free…


The VA sent me a letter asking me to update my records. They included a return envelop so that I can provide my own stamp. What a gyp.

After your stimulus money arrives Wednesday, you’ll probably receive a very official looking Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service envelope, letting you know that Notice 1444 is enclosed.

Once you receive it, I’ll be interested to know your reaction.

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If/when I receive one, I’ll likely glance over it and then set it on the pile to be placed in the burn barrel.

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The only brouhaha was Trump haters making something up about the checks being withheld until he could sign them. (As though we don’t know that the signature is printed with the check.) The outrage you guys display about this would be funny, if it weren’t so pathetic.

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Another one? Damn, Trump’s makin’ it rain :cloud_with_lightning:

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Does the President’s name usually go on IRS refund checks?

Or is it some functionary of the the IRS that has his name imprinted on the checks?

As for your claim that it would delay printed checks…even if it would just delay them by a day, wouldn’t that have been terrible? After all, the stimulus package was rushed through with quite the brouhaha because the Dems wanted to add in other provisions - or pork if you prefer.

That delay of a day was terrible, but delaying another day to make sure the undeserving didn’t get monies, that just wouldn’t fly, eh?

Damn New York Times should remove its paywall for coronavirus articles. For those who can see it:

Why is it inavisable for Trump’s name to be on the check?

President Trump affixing his signature to coronavirus stimulus checks is legally dubious and highly impractical for several reasons. First, it would require the Treasury Department to deviate from its normal practice and potentially change its internal directives. Federal bureaucrats known as “disbursing officers” normally sign checks like these. Specifically, Treasury Directive 16-23 states that the Chief Disbursing Officer, or a disbursing officer under her “control and supervision” to whom she has delegated her power, signs “checks drawn against all accounts of the Secretary of the Treasury.” Although the Commissioner of the Bureau of Fiscal Service can make “officers and employees of…other executive agencies…disbursing officials,” it does not appear that she can delegate the authority to sign treasury checks to the President.

Ironically, the Trump administration has already argued that the White House is not an executive agency in order to get out of complying with ethics laws. On the first day of the Trump presidency, the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) issued an opinion on nepotism, concluding that “the White House Office is not an ‘Executive agency’ insofar as the laws on employment and compensation are concerned.” This decision reversed long-standing precedent and paved the way for President Trump to hire his daughter and son-in-law as West Wing employees despite federal laws barring nepotism in the executive branch hiring.

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I got the impression it was his first one.

So his name goes on the check.

Why was it necessary to send out another letter at the expense of the tax payer telling them that they got the check?

Does he think his base is so stupid that they wouldn’t know that they got their checks?


Maybe he wants to yank the TDS sufferers chain a little more.

He’s got yours tight as hell.

Let me ask you a couple of questions Einstein.

What would happen if the persons direct deposit information was not correct in the IRS database?

What then would happen if the person was still expecting their check, but didn’t know their direct deposit information was incorrect in the IRS database?

Do you think that person would be grateful for receiving such a letter?


I got one about a week after the stimulus payment hit. Went in the recycle bin to be quickly forgotten, no vapors needed.

I have not. And I have already had the money deposited into my bank account (the first day they said it was going out.)

There have been news reports since the first of April saying that stimulus checks have been going out and what to do if you haven’t received it.

There’s the IRS website.

There’s tax preparers.

All sorts of resources.

I was wrong in one aspect.

The sending of such a letter was mandated in the stimulus package.

But like the check itself, it didn’t have to be signed by Trump. But he wanted his name on it.

So what? Is this news? Is it upsetting?

Yes. It is upsetting news for Great Americans.

For Trump sycophants, I imagine, it’s another burden.

Apparently so. He’s done moved his outrage goal posts a few yards since the OP.

  1. Lol. “You’re a Great American.”

  2. Why is it upsetting? Its par for the Trump course and it literally doesn’t affect a single thing.


It did, at the very least, affect a single thing.

Now, explain to me, what was the benefit to the taxpayers?