Anybody planning to Biden-proof your retirement account?

So we know that good ole Joe will be increasing corporate taxes by 30-ish percent. We also know he is committed to loading up companies with all of the oppressive regulations that Trump cut. Then probably adding a few of his own. This action will not have a neutral effect. It will be either positive or negative. And the market will reflect that. Bigly.

So is anybody planning to move funds around to avoid getting hit?

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Every single time there’s an election both sides keep screaming that if their opposition gets elected, market is going to crash and it’ll be the end times.

But in the long run, market keeps growing no matter who’s in charge.


Defensive changes to a portfolio motivated by political winds is usually not wise.


I don’t have more than 20 percent or so of my money in the market. Cut way back on my market money when i retired.

Retired about 7 years ago.

Sound advice.


This might just be a “side hustle” :exploding_head:

The funniest part of this is this isn’t new.

It’s been going on all my life at least.

It was usually just the fringe that would say stuff like “The country is doomed if the guy I don’t like wins”.

Now it’s mainstream.


Considering the Fed has dumped over four trillion dollars into the stock market and they’re not even part of the Federal government…

Needs more Biden.

Looking at the number of Biden threads your flooding the board with you must be scared ■■■■■■■■ about Biden becoming President and think there is a real chance he could win.

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until there are those who want to give to their base, usually liberals. People who have worked hard for their money should always be on the defense from those who want to take.

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Farm subsidies. Corporate welfare. Nope. No taking there. :laughing:

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If that is a problem to you then do something about it. For me it is what I make and what I will keep. Nobody is entitled to that.

So you don’t pay taxes then. That explains a few things.

Perhaps you should check how retirement accounts did while Obama was President.

The stock market now has a life of its own- Trump has zero influence on it.

Continuing the discussion from Anybody planning to Biden-proof your retirement account?:

Continuing the discussion from Anybody planning to Biden-proof your retirement account?:

The Market has went on a tremendous run and by all technical and fundamental metrics is overbought and overvalued. The Market isn’t even thinking about the election now though. Likely we have pull back here during earnings over the next month or so. As the election gets closer the Market will start reacting to the polls so if Biden is still leading significantly in the polls the closer we get to the election we likely see more of a pullback. If after election night Biden wins and the Republicans at least hold the Senate then the Market might stabilize. If the Dem’s take all three branches then we could see it drop 30% in after hours trading. After that is anyone’s guess? Depends on how radical the policies are that will become law along with how the various social strife and unrest plays out.

Millions of people are not in it for the long run. They will be retiring soon. If the market tanks, they will be in trouble.

Two things. This is not a Trump thread. And you didn’t answer the question.

My investment accounts nearly doubled under Obama. I’m not particularly worried about Biden.