Anybody know how much all these Trump rallies are costing us taxpayers?

It’s like there’s one every day right now and you know none of the cost is coming out of HIS pocket.

Getting more Republicans elected is his job as President. After the election he’s going to have a lot more flexibility.

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$80 billion

A day, probably.

I thought presidents usually tried to tie-in some kind of make-shift official reason for the visit then do the political thing as an ‘‘addition’’ at minimal cost paid by the party.

The only people that would complain about that are libs, and who cares about what libs think?

Trump’s campaign expenses are paid for by the RNC.
If he includes any official business with the trip, we pay the expense of AF1. If he doesn’t the RNC pays it. A president will usually visit a federal building or a military base along with doing the campaign rally to get AF1 paid for. I don’t know if Trump does that or not.

When has Trump not tried to stick someone else with his bills. :wink:

It’s saving us money because otherwise, he’d be golfing.

I know Obama did it all the time.

All of them do it.

The cost is inconsequential when weighed against the dire need of the people to see their glorious president moving amongst them, encouraging them with his fine example as a patriot and a man, and furthering the Great Work of MAGA.

You won’t find one Trumplover who gives a damn about trump’s constant campaigning, spending, or anything else for that matter. Wrong letter behind his name for criticism.

Has Trump stopped campaigning since 2016?

He literally started his reelection campaign on the day of his inauguration.

Of course he has. Just like he stopped playing golf. Donald has worked ceaselessly for the American people to ensure MAGA is more than just a trite catchphrase to lure gullible rubes, but a glorious realized dream.

Under budget and ahead of schedule, no less!

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Getting more Republicans elected is EXACTLY the job I elected Trump to do.


This con man has some people heads so messed up.

He is not a conservative. Supporting him doesn’t mean you are more Conservative.

It means you fell for the con.

Nope. And that suits his sycophants just fine.

And he drinks it up like the sociopath he is.