Anybody else having trouble with the drop down menu on iPad?

When I bring up this site’s front page and try to use the drop down menu to get to community it won’t work on my iPad. I have to get there through a topic link in my history.
Everything works fine on my laptop, phone and Samsung tablet.

Opps, I think this should be in Outside the Beltway. Can a mod move it?

Not me. I click Community and get directed to the Community.

It’s just on my iPad. The drop down menu will appear for a fraction of a second and then disappear.

I’m on the iPad as well.

I heard that there was an area on the website that would tell when the state primaries are going to be held. I can’t find it if it is here. I did find out when Illinois primaries are but it was not from this website.

Maybe your pop up settings? If not, try clearing history and website data.

I’ll give that a try. It literally happens only on this site.