Anybody else getting a lot of ads here about dating naughty single moms?

Every time I read down a thread every third or fourth ad is telling about single hot moms I can date. Didn’t know there was such a huge pool to choose from.

I was amazed to find that not only were local Asian ladies interested in hearing from me, they are waiting for my call today!

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There are ads here? My ad blocker must be doing a great job.

That said, ads are usually based on browsing history . . . . .


Using AdBlocker seems to keep them at bay, since I haven’t received any myself.

Are you sure you haven’t been targeted by malicious libs? :wink:

I just got an ad for a Leaf Filter Gutter Guard. Just an hour ago I was discussing that very subject with my neighbor while watching her son up on the roof cleaning the gutters. My phone was in my pocket.



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You lover boy.

As I’m responding to this there’s an ad toeet Chinese women at the bottom.

Nope. I told this story on the old board. The strangest occurance I’ve seen of this was when I was reading an old guitar magazine I had and decided to learn a piece of music featured in it. I had never heard the song or of the artist before. When I got to a point that I thought I had it worked out, I decided to look it up on YouTube to see how close I was. I hadn’t even finished typing the artist’s first name, and the search box auto-populated his last name and song title. At that point, I wondered if I needed to listen to it. Seems I had it nailed

Thank God for ad blockers. lol

What a coincidence, Spiff. The minute I was going to type “No”, an ad for a dating website showed up. I hit “X” to get rid of it, and “Not Interested in this Ad” as to why. Maybe that can help for you if you’re not interested in these ads.

I have gotten no ads about naughty single moms. Should I feel left out?

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I tell you, I get no respect. No respect. I saw an ad that told me there was hot, single moms in my area that wanted to date me. So I click on it, and it links me to a page that said “I’m sorry, you’ve reached this site in error.” Tired it again later, it says “Dude, they all moved away.”

No respect, I tell you.

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The least they could do is give me one of those ads from a Nigerian princess ready to dump millions of $$ into my bank account for “safe keeping.” Geez …

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I should think one would want only well behaved single moms. If they are naughty they would be pulling practical jokes on you all the time.

What I want to know is why naughty single moms are hanging around here. :slight_smile:


I thought for sure you were going to say, I clicked on the link and there was My wife!

hat tip to Rodney Dangerfield. Lord I miss that guy.