Any Suggestions for Elimination of This Odor?

It was off to the right side this morning on the way home, the infamous odor & distinctive white stripe. Anyone know how to rid a car of this odor?

At work and not sure if this is an actual odor question, but i have an ozone generator that gets rid of smells pretty good. Just make sure u or your pets don’t breathe in the air while it runs and a bit after

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If it’s on the outside of the car, use distilled vinegar or a soapy solution with heavy vinegar to wash off the areas with the smell.

If it’s causing smells inside the car, soak a rag in vanilla extract, place it in a bowl, and leave it in the vehicle overnight.

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Lemon extract works.
A skunk sprayed my dog. I called the dog pound and asked them how to neutralize the odor. They told me to use Lemon extract and to forget about tomato juice etc.
It worked great. It’s a little expensive but it works.

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Just by some dank skunky weed and go all in.

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I don’t understand the problem … I like the smell of skunk. It reminds me of my youth playing with the big leaves and “clubs” of skunk cabbage plants.

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That sounds good even without a bad odor.

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Me too:

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There is a formula that is a compound of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish detergent mixed with water. I don’t know the proportions, but you may find it online. You don’t put this in a sealed container, or store it, use it fresh. It is supposed to break down the thiols that give the skunk its stink.

What? Wasn’t tomato juice doing the job?

I’ve heard tomato juice ridding skunk odor is a myth & the only really effective way to rid it is Dawn dish detergent, sometimes used to clean wild animals following oil spills.

Here is the formula. It should work…



It works on human skin and that’s about it. It’s also expensive and impractical.

Time is the only thing. My stupid dog got sprayed TWICE in one week. Didn’t realize it until it was too late and we’d already let her in. To help with the smell we put bowls of vinegar in every room for awhile.

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I have no personal experience with skunks, but I know several people who used tomato juice to deodorize their dogs and claimed it worked well.

Yes, my apologies. I was narrowed in on humans. Can’t forget the rest of the mammals.

My long time former boyfriend grew up with a dog that hated to be bathed.

When Spotty got sprayed by a skunk, she was RUNNING to get to the tub.

Time does seem to be weakening it, though.