Any proof of this?

Has anybody seen any proof white supremacists or ANTIFA stoked the riots in the last few days?

Dont need proof…" Some people are saying"…Is good enough.

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No we have no proof. You know why? Because none of us arrested any of them. But Nancy Pelosi has confirmed that 80 percent of the Minnesota rioters were from out of town. If you want to call that “proof” you certainly may. But I don’t think the city is interested in providing proof. We shall see.

No proof, but I read this earlier.

Maybe. But we need confirmation through an unbiased source.

Trump said they were so thats good enough for his supporters.

Shouldn’t believe everything you hear:

And you shouldn’t give advice or make assumptions. I’m telling you what Nancy said. Why are you making it about be? She’s your leader?

What would that be?

My bad. I thought you did. Apologies.

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Who else is reporting this? We would need to know that first.

I don’t think it was Nancy who said this, plus it was walked back.

Yes, before they announced it was antifa, I found their Facebook event page. I reported it. Hopefully with trumps declaration, FB will be forced to take it down. It is antifa and it is a shame that trump is so polarizing people would rather say he is wrong and allow the city to burn along with the message of these protest.

Did you take a screenshot?

Seems to be a spontaneous wilding mixed with spurts of theft, violence and burglary. Opportunity caused by original protests seems to be the cause.
No doubt something like Antifa groups would like to use the opportunity to jump in front of the parade.

Why only the left and not white supremacists or others?

White supremacists are rioting and stealing from stores that have been broken into? I didn’t know they were doing that. Could you direct me to the article that describes that?

Same proof of “the left” doing it.

Yeah. You run with that. Good luck.

Do you have any more proof of “the left” than “the right”?

Not claiming this as proof…but: