Any other rulings in laws regarding other types of "arms"?

On the previous board, I posted a thread called “Unforged frontiers and the Second Amendment” (or something like that) and in it I asked/talked about how the Second Amendment can/should be used to strike down laws that regulate other, non-firearm types of weapons (e.g., knives, throwing stars, etc.). The only example I know of is a law regarding nunchuks that was struck down (hat tip to @Safiel). Any others?

For anyone who does not remember this fact that I shared in the thread on the old board, to legally own a switchblade you must qualify as a collector and to qualify as a collector you must possess more than one switchblade.

If you stick with the typical arms and equipment of the colonial minutemen you’re on firm 2nd Amendment grounds.

That would include knives, swords, dirks, daggers and pocket knives of all kinds.

If you could show that switchblades fall into the same categories you might have a chance but you’d have to get it before a friendly judge in all likelihood to get the law struck down.

Our legislature finally did away with our ridiculous knife laws and just as we predicted there have been no mass outbreaks of slashings and stabbings.

I don’t know that the 2nd was the basis, but we recently (2017) significantly changed our knife laws.

State law, not Federal.

Several years ago here in Alaska, all “other” arms were finally recognized as being covered by the 2nd Amendment (and the State equivalent of the same) making possession of such knives and swords completely legal. There are some restrictions imposed by some of the municipalities, but Constitutional Carry now applies to all arms in Alaska.

So are bowie knives now legal down there?

Yes, that travesty has been corrected.

Do you know when the restriction was passed into law?

Texas still has nothing on my state’s requirements for legal possession of a switchblade.