Any good T.V. shows out there to suggest?

All of my favorite shows have been cancelled or finished, and I haven’t been able to find to much to take their place. I have tried Arrow and The Flash but I haven’t been able to really get into them.

I loved Lost, Supernatural seasons 1-6, Sherlock Holmes - the one with one with Benedict Cumberbatch, Ash vs the Evil Dead, Hannibal was awesome, and a show some might have missed but I really adored ‘Grimm’. Got bored with the Walking Dead around Season 5. Black Mirror is pretty cool.

I was watching Homeland but got bored with it after season 4, another show I was really into was The Blacklist, but I haven’t really enjoyed the way the story has switched up in the last two seasons. Waiting for Stranger Things 3 to finish before I bin watch it :).

What are you guys watching? Any Suggestions?

Strangers things,
The Crown,

TV has really entered a new golden age in term of quality.

I absolutely loved Patriot on amazon prime, it’s quite quirky and interesting. Netflix…the last kingdom and the haunting of hill house.

I switched back to movie mode and watched Calibre and Apostle on Netflix and enjoyed both. Most recent miss was Designated Survivor, I stayed for the whole season and into the second and it devolves into a sappy west wing show.

^^^ Barry was the other show I really liked alongside Patriot.

I heard some positive comments about Patriot and Barry I will check it out. I tend to like the creepy ones, fantasy, or complete mind blowers like Lost. I thought I was going to get into the T.V. show Magicians it started off pretty good but then felt like a T.V. version of Twilight. Oh I also liked Penny Dreadful.

I have been meaning to check out “The Crown” like you waiting for Stranger Things. Not sure if you saw it but the first season of Wayward Pines was awesome then it went crazy and got cancelled. Still haven’t found anything to replace Lost :frowning:

Good Omens on Amazon is a lot of fun. Classy English comedy with a bit of an edge. An angel and a demon trying to thwart the apocalypse.

Book was much better.

I just finished Years and Years and I’m curious what Trump supporters think.

If your looking for a good supernatural like show check out Penny Dreadful, The new Twilight Zone, IZombie.

Good Girls in on Netflix now. Love it. I have enjoyed watching it on NBC and now my daughter is home from college and we are watching it together, she loves it too.

We both hated this last iteration of Black Mirror. Particularly the Miley Cyrus episode.

Good Omens - Amazon
American Gods - Starz
Doom Patrol - DC
Westworld - HBO
Love, Death & Robots - Netflix
Legion - Hulu

I have delayed watching the new black mirror season, they’ve just been so iffy and I don’t like going through the bad episodes to get to a good one.

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Fleabag is one of the best pieces of television that has been done in a while.

Stranger things 3 is out today

Game Of Thrones is awesome/my fav despite season 8
Dexter and Breaking Bad are my other favorites

Dexter also had a horrible ending.

Ya I agree. First 4 seasons totally worth it

I want more people to see Doom Patrol, but I know they won’t because it’s on DC’s streaming service. A paywall isn’t going to stop me… but it makes me sad that almost nobody is going to see that show.

The first episode is available free on Youtube. They want you to get hooked so you’ll pay up.

I made it through season 5 of dexter but I really hated season 6 and stopped there from what I heard it doesn’t get better. I did like the Hannibal show Hexenbiest mentioned but it only lasted 3 seasons.

Given the list you provided I’d suggest Penny Dreadful on Netflix, and Chernobyl on HBO.

Of the two, the later is particularly harrowing.

Ya dexter went downhill, they tried milking it too long. Game of thrones they just went waaay too fast the last 2 seasons. The story is there but just way too rushed under developed.

Either way I think game of thrones is greatest tv series of all time. Incredible on many levels

Chernobyl was awesome!