Any Camera Collectors near Illinois?

On the 26th of January there’s an estate sale I came across in Carol Stream.

They have a Gowlandflex.

Lots of Victor Hasselblad’s stuff and a nice Mamiya …

… but they have a Gowlandflex.

I don’t know what size it is, it looks possibly bigger than the 4x5 camera. No idea about the price.

There’s not a chance it’s in my price range even if I could be there.

I have no relationship with whomever is having this sale … because I’d be getting that camera if I had!

So if you’re a camera collector or want to use one of these beauties, well, here may be your chance. Good luck!

It’s almost certainly a 4x5.

128 Hasselblads. Damn.

I thought it was impressive that my dad has 3.

Well, actually 4.

3 vintage Hasselblads, and he just bought the X1D.

Cool link. A bit far for me.

Btw … I got a good laugh out of all the pictures by the auction people being out of focus.


Yeah, there’s definitely a level of irony there.