Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?


He’s not normal. Which is why we love it!!!


The house pick up in the 3rd district wasn’t really a surprise thats metro KC area and most of them hate Trump.
I was actually planning on Davis winning in the 2nd district as well but he fell 4k votes short.

What was actually really interesting is that the 1st district which has pretty much always been red and wasn’t even close again this cycle. That is all farm country and I know quite a number of people out there getting torn up by Trumps tariffs, but they swear by the guy. Nothing like losing a 4th generation family business to spite their nose.


Yep. No one says people vote intelligently.


Red got redder and blue got bluer. It’s as if Voight, Reynolds, Ronny Cox, and poor Ned Beatty decided not to go canoeing in rural Georgia in the first place. Instead, they caught a Braves game. Most of the movie audience wandered out of the theater in confusion in the fourth inning, with the scored tied 0-0.


She’s an animal alright. I’ll let you figure out which animal I mean. There are several very good choices.


Greatest Deliverance reference ever made on the hannity forums…EVER


Someone is not thrilled at Trump’s decision to blast GOP reps who lost last night.


I’ve been watching this speech, press conference. He is ■■■■■■■ crazy, self centered, and nasty.


Trump is the walking embodiment of NYC values. Have a nice day.


Having never lived in NYC, what are NYC values?


Austin is the healthy cell in a sea of cancer.


Absolutely. You can sense his anger and vitriol, slowly realizing that the losses he suffered last night are going to have real ramifications for both him personally, and for his Presidency and whatever legacy he hopes to cobble together. He is such a small, small individual.


That’s actually written O’. It’s short for “of” or “on”.

We also would have accepted 'O.


Mia Love losing in Utah was amusing as well. She was held up to be the token black person within the GOP a so called rising star in their ranks, not anymore.


From his opening “litany of GOP losers” , through his early celebration of Festivus with his Airing of Grievances, to the angry childish question and answer with reporters, what an embarrassing show for our country.


Oh, jez, another grammar nazi.


Exactly. He proved previously he is not a gracious winner, and now he has shown that he is not a gracious loser either. But the constant theme with him remains, that he is an utter and total embarrassment for our nation.


Pete Sessions ( R ) lost the Texas 32nd District race. Sessions was a long time conservative congressman.
It was a pleasant surprise.
I used to work with him and don’t care for him. I don’t live in his district. If I did, I wouldn’t have voted for his opponent (wild eyed liberal). I would have just skipped that race.


But the sole value is in the repetition. You want to take that away from him?


I was surprised how quickly they called the race for Baldwin. I went to the kitchen for a Spotted Cow when the polls closed and the race was called when I got back.