Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?


Walker was like a vampire. Returning from the dead every election.

Finally the stake straight in the heart.



im surprised that here in gerrymandered austin a democrat won in my district. (vikki goodwin).


Austin is not gerrymandered, it is isolated. Like a cancer cell.


Trump supported 33 candidates on twitter. 21 of them lost.


This was one of the best mid term elections for the party in charge in history. The blue wave turned out to be a blue ripple. What do you mean by a “check on Trump?” What’s to check? Do you think they want to remove the embassy from Jerusalem? Reinstate the taxes? Re regulate businesses? Re arm ISIS? What specific checks are you hoping for?


What do you project the senate will look like when all that dust clears?


That’s a bunch of crap, no matter how many times you repeat it.


Ooph. That is a pretty abysmal record there. I’m certain that GOP politicians who were re-elected will take note of this, even if the cult remains oblivious to this reality.


Did he do as bad as Obama during his midterms?


The Dems took the House for one reason. Pelosi. Her animal magnetism can’t be denied.


No. By historical standards he did far better than most. I think that only four times in history did the party in power do better. The wave did not happen. And the president not even need congress for much of his accomplishments. He’s got the senate which means more excellent judges.


I don’t know, but I don’t see how that is relevant to the here and now either. I’m discussing this in terms of how complicit the GOP remains in supporting anything and everything Trump. Now that they realize that his presence alone cannot retain all levers of power, and that his endorsements of candidates does not equal anything close to a guaranteed election victory. I’m wondering if they will begin to back off of their cult-like support and defense of him in all things. Obama does not factor in to that equation for me.


Yeah. But it just seems so swingy after only 2 years. That all three switched all seats back.


Dana Rohrabacher lost that was a nice surprise, in a county that had kept him in power for 3 decades. So that was nice…


Pelosi has gone even more ■■■■■■■ crazy then she was last time she was speaker. Trump knows this which is why he endorsed her. And Mad Maxine will lose what little mind she has left when she cannot get her precious impeachment. If nothing else the entertainment factor will be enormous. :crazy_face:


Biggest surprise to me? Kris Kobach goes down in my state, thank freaking god! All recent polls has him at a +1 in the 3 way race. Kelly won by 4.5 points, thats big time.

The reason he lost? Because he hitched his wagon to commiting to go right back to the trickle down, supply side, zero taxes for business madness that bankrupted our state when Brownback was here. Who is their right mind would think that echoing the policies of the least popular governor in the entire United States when he was in office would be the path to getting elected?


In late October trump had a Wisconsin rally to support Scott Walker and Senate candidate Leah Vukmir. They both lost.

Womp womp.


That was my biggest surprise. Kobach, and a house seat picked up in KS


This actually isn’t a surprise, but it’s not normal for a president who lost the House to have a press conference the next day and blaming people in his own party, by name, for losing and for not being nicer to him or attaching themselves to him.


53 or 54 republicans. A good enough cushion to avoid anymore Kavanaugh hatched jobs. Hope Ruth wiil take this tremendous opportunity to enjoy her well earned retirement.