Any big surprises last night? & What - if anything - did you takeaway from the results?


Honestly, the fact that Kemp didn’t step down from the SOS position upon announcing his candidacy demonstrates his ethics are questionable at best.


Don’t those states go back and forth though? None of them are considered solid red states?


I’m proud of the sheer level of diversity that the Democrats achieved yesterday. We didn’t win them all (sad about Gilliam and Abrams) but this is what the makeup of the country is.

Diversity of people breeds diversity of thought… I’m glad to have that on my side!


Beto did great in Texas. Im looking forward to see him again in the future.


Stay frosty, it’s coming. Dems are preparing to dissolve ICE, open the borders, declare sharia law, impose fascist socialism, force Americans to gay marry, and abort all children aged conception to 2 years old.

Fortunately the Word Made Flesh still stands in their way. Open another can of peas, and pray.


I would hope that most people know that no single Congressman (or woman) has even the slightest power to implement a major economic agenda.


Atta boy!!!


All credit due my mentor, but thank you.


What is the projected final tally of the House look like? I haven’t heard anyone project that.


As am I. Too.


:crossed_fingers: :ok_hand: Hope springs eternal.


New York City doesn’t have American values - no surprise.


Yes he did. I am to. In California.


Scott Walker finally got what’s coming to him. That was kind of a surprise.


I didn’t follow that race. Were all the polls projecting he would win?



I don’t know. Ice cream headaches can be pretty severe


Not sure. But he’d been challenged before and come away the winner. Glad to finally see it go the other way.


Utah legalizes medical marijuana? Now there’s a shocker


That was funny.


Surprises bad

  1. Blackburn ripping bresden a new one
  2. Nelson losing
  3. Donnelly get ripped a new one by Braun

Surprises good.

  1. Max rose on Staten Island. Who knew.
  2. The republican mark Sanford seat in South Carolina
  3. The Oklahoma miracle.