Any bets on indictments today?

Not based on anything, but tomorrow is the unofficial cutoff where normally the Justice Department doesn’t do anything that might affect an election. I commented on it last week, and some analysts have mentioned it. So, anyone think someone gets arrested today? Because if not today it’s pretty unlikely anything happens till after November 6th.

Wouldn’t sept 7 be the actual 60 day cut off?

Yeah I was reading more this morning, and I think you’re right. That there’s another week. So maybe disregard this one.

Oh I still think we could see something today. Trump really has been off the rails on Twitter the past 48 hours.

Roger Stone sure believes he is going to be indicted by Mueller soon. Today though? Maybe. I give 50/50 odds on any indictments coming down today. Primarily because Mueller is running such a leak free investigation there is no real way to predict in either direction. But we do know he likes Friday as the day of the week to drop the hammer on criminals.

Considering the INSANE RHETORIC AND ABBERANT BEHAVIOR of our president I would say that all artificial “cut off” nonsense should be tossed and that legal and legitimate Special Counsel Robert Mueller should forge ahead and drop any indictments or affect any arrests as they need to be or are ready to be acted upon and damned be to convention.

We are not in conventional times, we are in Trump times, convention died the day he took office.

Sept 1st is Guiliani’s made up deadline… so no.

no one knows what they are investigating anymore… Certainly not collusion with Russians as only dems did that…

I will add also that it is quite odd that Trump has not sent out a tweet in over 12 hours now. Is it because Rosenstein has informed him of something happening today, and he is busy huddling with his team to figure out how to spin it or distract from it? Things that make you go :thinking:

That’s the way investigations naturally evolve. Just like the years of Benghazi investigations that resulted in the discovery of a private email server which had nothing to do with Benghazi

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Hmmm. That is weird. 30+ tweets on 08/29 and 08/30. Including a random flashback video to magic escalator and Mexican rapists day back in June 2015. But nothing today so far. Weird.

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Small potatoes?

Yeah that’s pretty minor. But add it to the list.

I should say that in this administration this is a pretty minor thing. Unless Patten brings something else. I’ve never heard of him till just now though. But it looks like he’s pleading guilty. So what did he give Mueller?

50/50 on Roger Stone getting indicted today.

Exactly. Maybe it means nothing of course. But it certainly is a break in a pretty well established pattern as of late, which is always suspicious.

Stone for sure…

gives him the labor day weekend to contemplate his wrongdoings…


I however wont be starting any " _______ indicted" threads.



Self deprecation is one of my favorite forms of comedy. :wink: