Antifa are organizing anti-government event for 25 July

Antifa are organizing anti-government event for 25 July and they are calling this an uprising.
Antifa Claims that they had being “protesting” 50 days straight and yet they are calling it an uprising?

Why are Portland city officials even allowing this craziness to continue?

Antifa are organizing anti-government event for 25 July. The Youth Liberation Front has become most active antifa group in Portland, featuring many of same people under a new group name. & even though they plan events in front of us, we are still told antifa is “not organized.”

Tea Party???

Seriously? :roll_eyes:


Because the officials themselves are crazy libs.


I was living in a area when the American Nazi Party and the KKK wanted to do a march.
A lot of people wondered why the local government let it happen. The local officials said that the groups had applied for all of the proper licenses and paid the fees to have a parade. So perhaps the local government in Portland can’t do much about it.

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Even if Antifa and BLM applied for the proper licenses to conduct a protest, that became null and void when the criminality started. Looting and arson isn’t protected by the First Amendment

Glad we have threads here to tell us Antifa is still a thing. I rarely ever hear anything about them elsewhere.

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LMSM providing cover.

Ok where did you hear that those caught for looting and arson were found to be members of those two groups? There was a lot of speculation about who was causing the destruction. But I didn’t hear of any proof of association.

Of course you won’t. It’s great boogy-man for BLM and Antifa to blame the violence on some shadowy group that can’t be identified. How convenient.

This is the only one that I heard of.

Imagine following Andy Ngo’s twitter for anything but mockery.

Andy Ngo isn’t the most reputable source of information.

the conspiracy deepens

Like the antifa busses coming for Klamath falls? Those poor cops had a hell a of a time fighting them off.

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They might be anti fascist but this group doesn’t seem to identify as Antifa.

Election time…Cons need their boogey man.


id like to know what it is these leftist psychos are actually protesting

Red Guard.