Anti Trumpers now getting awards

For being anti-Trump

Shows you what a sick game politics really is and how little you matter in it

The unelected elite agree with Romney’s decision to act like Democrat snakes and vote with them based on a narrative of ■■■■■■■■■

That’s why he gets the award

It has nothing to do with any “courage.”

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It’s sick to oppose Trump?

Or is it brave to be one of his bootlickers?

I would recommend he(Romney) get the south end of a north bound horse award myself.

Call it the horses patoot award? :sunglasses:


Yes. 5 bones.

Have a nice life Mitt…riding the coat tails of George but never making the political grade.

i’ll answer your question with a question

if a democrat senator voted to take biden out of office, do you think they will get this award too?


He’s a bitter old rino. Bitter because he never was president and Trump was.

If that happened the dems would probably tar and feather him.

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this should be one more reason Republican voters should leave the party


If Biden behaves as Trump does, sure.

Now answer my question.

No just get rid of the rinos like Romney and Murkowski.

He’d be getting the loony award.

No reason to get rid of Biden.

He didn’t incite insurrection to save his job.


Both are going nowhere.

Murkowski knows she’s got 2022 election won already.

Alaskans love her of all stripes.

She won on a write in against the Republican who beat her in the primary.


It isn’t about being a “boot licker”. It’s about desiring illegal immigration to stop…to coordinate government resources to accomplish that, build a big beautiful wall, get the countries below our southern border to assist in this and actually STOP illegal aliens from illegally entering our country. This is just one aspect that NO OTHER PRESIDENT PRIOR TO TRUMP TRIED TO TACKLE and so…many of us Americans who love our country and believe that our laws should be enforced, appreciate the efforts and accomplishments of Donald Trump.

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Taking apart the tea party and Sarah palin in one fell swoop.


And failed.


…and even with all of the lib, establishment, media, social media and educational forces working against Trump…he was winning that battle. The current disaster taking place right now…is proof of what he accomplished and now libs like yourself own the yuuuuuge increase in number of children in cages that you yelled about during his term.


Winning the battle by diverting funds.

That ain’t winning…


Damn…that was a mouthful of sheople food regurgibleation. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Trump did so well on immigration that he was re-elected by landslide proportions.


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