ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter CEO to Testify Before Congress over ‘SHADOW BANNING’ | Sean Hannity

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will appear before Congressional leaders as early as September 5th confirmed the House Energy and Commerce Committee; likely facing tough questions over the platforms method of “shadow banning” conservative voices.

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I have been on Twitter since October 2017. I started out just tweeting about my kids and my new granddaughter. When I finally opened my eyes and had the nerve to #WalkAway from the left, I started posting on Twitter about my conservative views. I posted a tweet, that I made from my Facebook page, and a few more about Trump and such. It only took two day of posting conservative tweets and I was shadowbanned. I had only 46 followers at the time. I believe they had it automatically coded in to quality filter, or QFD ban, people that use certain trigger phrases. We found a way to communicate with each other anyway. Made lists of fellow patriots, conservatives, and Trump supporters so we could follow and talk to each other. We sent screenshots of how to turn of the quality control filter so we could at least communicate among ourselves and maybe those that weren’t banned could tell the rest of the world. Then a few hours after I read that Jack Dorsey was going to have to testify before congress, the bans started being lifted. It took a couple of days. My fiances was lifted a day before mine, but it seems like Twitter was trying to backpedal. We will not forget. My first tweet after my ban was lifted was to @jack letting him know just that. We will not be silenced and we will not be swayed. Thank you, for being a beacon of truth, in this otherwise treacherous ocean of lies we call main stream media.

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Its kinda ironic Trump is going after Twitter.

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Your tax dollars at work. Again. :roll_eyes:

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Cool story Bro-Sis. :hugs: