Anti-science man drives SUV though a crowd of first responders outside hospital

armed man drove his SUV though a crowd of first responders gathered outside of a hospital.

Pennsylvania man drove his vehicle through a crowd of first responders gathered to salute health care workers at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby on Tuesday.

Investigators reported the driver of the SUV was armed and threatened to harm people. None of the participants in the salute were reported to be injured.

After running a red light, the man led police on a chase through town. However, the driver lost control after colliding with another automobile and flipped his vehicle onto its side. He was taken into custody by police. Authorities have not released the name of the individual.

Newsweek reached out to the Darby Borough Police Department for comment. This story will be updated with any response.

Your linked article says nothing about the man being “anti-science”.

Why would you make that up?

why else would you drive into a bunch of fire-fighters outside a hospital saluting healthcare workers.

Yeah, I didn’t see anything about “anti-science”. But it’s clear he’s a complete ass.

Bad thread…made out of desperation.

I haven’t reported a post/thread in months but I’m doing it for this one. Congrats OP.


Um…why would an anti-science person do it?

So, your thread title is a lie.

Got it.

So where are you getting the guy was “anti science”? Not in your article. Person hasn’t been named.

Maybe he’s one of those upset that people are gathering in larger groups?

Maybe he’s upset that a large group of people are getting together and was upset and wanted to show them what will happen – you all will die – type thing.

Ouch…but yeah there is plenty of unknown here which could be any reason. Either way he’s sic bastard.

Clearly this is a big government lib incensed at the social distancing violations.

If the OP in their title can claim the guy is anti science, I can claim he’s a lib upset about crowds gatherin’.

It’s probably what really happened.

Since the title of the OP wasn’t well researched, could that be considered anti-science?