anti-Putin Russian journalism found dead in Europe

he was murdered in his hotel room,

Aliev has been a strong critic of Vladimir Putin and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on his popular blog and youtube accounts for years, working under the pseudonyms of Mansur Stariy or Old Mansur.

His is the latest death to spark concerns of a Russian political hit squad running amok in Europe, hunting down any anti-establishment voices in hiding.

Aliev’s 35-year-old Chechen travelling companion disappeared shortly after the shocking murder. His body was discovered by the hotel manager on January 30 after they failed to check out.

The pair had travelled from Mr Aliev’s home in Belgium where he was under police protection, to Lille, France, via train on January 29 where they booked into the Coq Hardi Hotel.

The day before his death, he told his wife and four children that he was leaving for a day in France “on business” after an unknown man showed up from Chechnya on the eve of the incident.

this is the 13th journalist to be killed for speaking out against Putin and Chechnya dictator.

So what?

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So this belongs in politics.

Trump is such good friends with Putin, he should have a word with the guy about murdering reporters.

The Russian “mafia” is evil and insidious and we’ve got to get them out of the US, as well as Mexican gangs.

Don’t really care if the fake news in Russia has a tougher president to deal with. Don’t care even a little. Maybe he should have picked a different profession.

Talk about cold.

Russia has fake news because they murder honest reporters like this one.

I flagged it this morning.

Didn’t seem right to me, but what do I know?


Well, at least we know he’s a cold, cold man. No empathy at all.

Something there’s too little of in this world.

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He was probably a terrorist operating in Europe.