Anthony Scaramucci says Trump may need to be replaced for 2020

It’ll be interesting if the GOP abandons its cult-like loyalty to Trump regardless of what he says or does.

No no no absolutely not. Trump needs to stay the course. I want him to ride this out all the way to Nov 2020. I want his supporters wearing him like a shiny necklace. Like a badge of honor. Like a Superman S on their chest but instead it is a “T”.

I do not want the GOP to take the easy way out… I want them to be the band playing the music on the titanic as it was sinking.

Trump 2020 KAG!!!


Donald’s the rotting albatross around their necks no matter what happens in 2020. The GOP is Trumplican now.


The swing to “we wanted to support the president and we love our country, it’s time to move forward” if he loses will be fannnnntastic. Hannity won’t have to change anything since he runs his show now like Hillary is president anyways.

Whats interesting is that the mooch became critical of Trump all on his own. For the past few years he has been a vocal supporter of Trump.

The Mooch has been buds with fat donald for a long time. I wonder what made him leave the cult.

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It’s kinda crazy how Trump supporters who want to make slight detours in absolute loyalty like to throw in things like “recently” he has said things that divide the country in a way that is unacceptable. Nah that was the entire time. I’m pretty sure he was against the Muslim ban too though, it’s just always this bizarre language to try to explain why you supported him.


If you read up about AS, you discover that he is a pretty smart guy.
And I think that he has realized that Trump’s rhetoric is becoming more and more toxic.
And I don’t think that AS does stupid.

And as we all know, he’s a liar and a russian operative, so…

You got 1.5 correct… I’ll let you guess the .5 that is incorrect

Impeach him. I was promised…

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Mueller did not interview or mention the Mooch in the Weissmann report…So naturally he would feel betrayed and mutter sensationalist nonsense.

Besides the Mooch likes fine dining and NO WAY is he going to risk having his outings become mob scenes of discord.


Trouble, Trouble ,Trouble, Trouble, with a capital T which rhymes with P which stands for pool.

If Republicans nominate someone else in 2020, they will have a better chance of maintaining the Senate.

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I’d for sure consider someone else.

Possibly. But millions of Americans are disgusted with how the republicans in the senate have behaved.

Kavanaugh hearings. I still remember what you did.

Maybe the Mooch knows something we don’t.


Looks like the Mooch is making fat donald uncomfortable.