Another white texas cop murders a black person

police get a call at 2:30 am that a womans door is open
they arrive and her screen door is closed but her front door is open
she is playing video games with her 8 year old nephew that she is babysitting

cop shines a flashlight into a darkend room
he shouts Put your hands up! Show me your hands! he doesnt id himself as a cop
within 2 seconds he fires a shot killing the woman

police released a partial body cam video as well as a heavily edited photo of a gun.

and people wonder why a lot of blacks perceive the police as the enemy…

this is at least the 3rd incident in recent history of a white dallas/ft worth area cop killing an innocent black person

Not watching the video. Last one I watched was that guy in the hotel hallway. Scary stuff.


You make it sound like he killed her because she is black, that’s disgusting!

Do you live in that area?

I can’t think of any circumstances that would make this an acceptable shooting.

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Why did they release photos of the gun in her house?

You know why.

There was already a multi hundred post topic on this shooting.

Because guns kill people?

It was deleted.

Sure enough it was.

Disregard my last.

There was a gun in the house. Police officers are always going to err on the side of protecting themselves rather than allowing themselves to be shot and letting a shooter get free. The officer told her what she needed to do in order to not be shot, but she obviously didn’t comply fast enough.

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If you don’t want to be shot by the police in your home then…don’t be in your home!


And don’t have a gun inside the home, it could shoot someone!

is there anyone out there still confused about why Colin Kaepernick knelt?


No reason to ever play video games, they teach people to shoot cops at 2:30 from their bedroom window. Vicious cycle.

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From the article, sounds like the officer will lose his job, be brought up on charges, tried, and more likely than not be convicted and sentenced to prison time.

No indication the officer new the race of the person he was shooting however, so the OP title really should just read cop shoots a person in there home without provocation.

This story just haunts me.

the title only describes the race of the actors in this situation, not their motivations. It is completely accurate