Another Vax is on the way!

This one may be better than the other two. Easier to transport and more effective against mutations.

Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Approved for Use in Britain (


If possible, I will wait for this one.

Not fast enough!!!



Remains to be seen.

This is another that I’m watching.

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Fair enough. But it looks promising.

The AZ vax can be stored in a refrigerator. And it costs less than 3 bucks. Not sure about this one. India will probably be next in line for AZ.

At least we’ll have a variety to choose from in about six months, and that’s encouraging. One aspect of the Novavax that was interesting is they’re attempting to “bundle” it with a flu vaccine.

Agreed! We just need to be sure that people get the same vax in round 2 as they did in round one.

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A lot of countries have banked on the AZ vaccine with huge purchase orders, including the US, we bought 300 million doses, I think. It is different than the mRNA vaccines but seems to be doing great as well.

Looking forward to seeing this approved here soon, it is made in Ohio but I won’t hold that against them. :grin:


I would wait on this one seems the EU didn’t authorize it at first calling it incomplete data.

In the long run that could be very important, if we wind up having to take these shots yearly, like flu. Immediately, not so much.

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Not sure you want this one. I’ve heard it’s actual effectiveness is about 60% (at least that is what is believed after they got caught cribbing).

Both Pfizer and Moderna were tested with different strains of the coronavirus, and still worked really well. Just get those, and you should be fine.

Why yes. Yes it is made in Ohio.

Who said it was cribbing? I have not heard that. Have any info on that? They seem to have stumbled upon the best dosage by accident. Half a dose for the first shot and a full dose after the second leads to about 90 percent efficacy. Have you heard different?

Michigan was first, we don’t mind you guys being third. Third is good, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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90 percent looks about right from what I have read as well. And it is 100 percent effective at preventing severe COVID, which is all that honestly matters.

Bring it on…

Just learned a close friend tested postive yesterday. He lives with his very compromised wife, so we’re all a little concerned.

Yes. But ours is better. Much much better.

Good luck. The Rona is everything they said it was. Very nasty. And we don’t know how long the Rona hangover lasts. Months? Years?