Another unarmed good guy takes bad guys gun

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Second time this week a unarmed person disarmed a bad guy with a gun.
Sure it happens alot more then we here about.

It happens but rarely and is a very good way to get yourself killed. He was lucky enough to get a stupid armed robber who turned his back on the guy who was then able to disarm him.

Not really.

In the first incident the good guy was only able to disarm the bad guy because the rifle jammed and he was too incompetent to clear it. At that point there was no longer a chance of being shot with it.

Yes, really. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Have had guns involved in crimes against me twice. I beg to differ.

Sure you have and you used your Kung fu mastery to disarm both of them too. Right?

The most likely outcome of attempting to disarm someone with a working firearm intent on doing you harm is that you will be shot.

In the two cases cited, one of the perps was an idiot who turned his back on a much larger man and disarmed from behind, and in the second the gun was jammed and the threat of being shot thus eliminated. At that point it became a wrestling match over a very expensive club.

Your “daddy” didn’t teach you much, certainly not appropriate language or anything about firearms.

So if you do not have a gun, you should do nothing? To me that seems like a good way to get killed. Do not understand how being able to defend ones self WITHOUT a gun gets 2A peeps so angry??

I don’t see anyone upset over either incident except for maybe the perps.

Deflect on my language that the sites filter did not correct my friend. Unarmed people are taking bad guys guns away. Some peeps got brass balls and some dont.

I didn’t deflect period.

It happens,

It’s exceedingly rare.

The most likely outcome is that you’re going to get yourself and/or others shot if you attempt it.

Two adults at Parkland attempted to disarm the shooter, how did they fare?

To successfully disarm a determined attacker with a working firearm solely by the use of physical force requires both skill and a great deal of luck.

Suggesting otherwise is simply encouraging folks to do something that will most likely get themselves and/or others shot.

Rose I do respect your opinion. No matter how much I may disagree with you sometimes, you are a voice of logic and reason albeit opposite of my views. I grew up in a city where guns and punks were a way of life in the 70s. Just because someone had a gun did not make them my boss. You either stood up or layed down. It was not being macho, nor being a tuff guy. Its the way it was. I was raised either go down fighting or just shut up and go down. You may have been lucky enough to have been raised in a different enviorment but to some of us ,standing up to a gun was not a way to get killed, but a way of life.
Logic and reason have little worth on the streets.
I do know what I am talking about.

You may know what you’re talking about relative to “life on the streets” where you grew up but the fact remains that the most likely outcome of attempting to disarm an a determined attacker with a gun is that you’re going to get yourself shot period and very likely innocent bystanders as well.

It is not common, it is very uncommon for anyone to attempt it, and much more uncommon for them to succeed.

It is absolutely an action of last resort when there is no other choice.

Encouraging people to attempt to do things that will most likely end with them being killed is atrociously irresponsible.

You aren’t the only one who grew up in very violent circumstances. Violence was a way of life for me. I’m very good at it and have made a nice career teaching and practicing it.

I wish you the best in your endevours. I got as far from the city as i could 30 years ago and bought a ranch up in the mountains. I target shoot, fish and trap wild coyote’s for relocation elsewhere weekly. Don’t miss the city or that way of life.

We cleaned up the town when we got a good PC and a decent Sheriff. Gangs and drugs were a huge problem in the seventies but by the time I came back from overseas for the first time in the late eighties the crime rate had been cut by 2/3.

I won’t even live in “town” much less “the city”.

I know what you mean. Nothing like looking up at a clean, wide open sky, full of stars at night, bagging bass/trout on a mountain lake.
We maybe wired different on how we look at things, but in other areas we are the same.

Why would you not have a gun?

I am confused by the point your trying to make in the discussion with WR.

He is saying that the current 2 situations we had “Guns involved” the 2 shooters were not that competent in the way they handled the firearm and allowed these Brave people to wrestle and disarm the person.
It could have ended badly for either person at anytime if the fire arm was good. Look at 911 and the flight the Terrorists had Bombs and brave people made a stand.
In your life in the 70s you could have stood up to a person with a gun and they could have shot you correct?

So having a fire arm in your hand when facing down these kinds of shooters you are making the odds of YOU and others surviving higher.

We have seen teachers protecting kids with their bodies. What if they had a fire arm and were trained well. They could have shot the shooter and saved their life and others.

My point in OP was 2x this week guns were taken away from bad guys by unarmed peeps. Was my opinion that it happens more than we hear about.
WR thought it was a rare and that I did not know what i was talking about. Having had run ins with peeps with guns I disagreed.
If someone carries and can shoot back or difuse the situation , God bless them, and If you don’t carry, these two stories show you still have a chance (be it small) to fight back.
Thats it in a nutshell.