Another Train Derailment

Lots of those going on lately. Any more food industries mysteriously catching fire while we’re at it? :wink:

It’s also worth typing “East Palestine, Ohio” into your browser this morning. :coffee:


But Boo-Dey-gedge says the construction industry is racist. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If only someone would pass a law requiring trains to have ECP brakes while carrying hazardous materials.

How about all of the forest fires around the nation? How about all of the food processing plants catching fire? How about all the trains derailing? How about all of the cows mysteriously dying? How about all of the Catholic churches being attacked around the country? How about all of the pro-life clinics being firebombed or vandalized? I mean…black lives matter too…amirite…or does the life only matter if there’s a police officer involved? Isn’t it cool that there’s so much virtue among us?


If it stops just one racist from getting under the bed… :rofl:

Looks like it has always been common though. From your linked article.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics found that 54,539 train derailments occurred in the U.S. from 1990 to 2021, an average of 1,704 per year.

Kind of makes one wonder how thorough the reporting is. Not all leftist terrorists make the news.

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I posted an article about some woman is I believe Washington state using a shunt to try and derail a train, she was out of jail in less then a. year.

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41 incidents in just that area alone.

For every one that gets caught…

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Look at all of that virtue in her eyes. She purposefully took this selfie so you could see it.


I know a hog with that exact same nose ring. :rofl:


Is this a Climate Queer jihad?



Yep…sure is.


all derailments are reported to the FRA.

quite a few last year.




If, and that is a big if, such a law would be beneficial to stop something like this, the Biden administration has had two years to propose such a law or regulation. For two years he had a completely friendly congress available to pass it. At some point, even Biden and his administration have to take responsibility for something.


I won’t argue with that. A law was made by one administration, rescinded by the next, and not corrected by the current.

And who is fighting that legislation? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with railroad and ends with companies.

Who lobbied to get that rescinded? The same people who can now, if they chose to, equip their trains with the needed equipment. But they won’t. There is no law saying they aren’t allowed to add ECP braking systems, they just won’t do it until forced to because it costs them money.

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What a brain dead moron. How about he makes a quota that for every neighborhood project X number of people has to be hired from that neighborhood.

What is that going to look like? Plumber assistant? Skills and experience are required. Same with all other trades. With no skills or experience it would just raise the price to complete the project to hire X number of unskilled workers.

Anyone in that neighborhood that does have skill and experience is already working for someone.

We really need people in government with successful private industry experience for the position they are holding.