Another Student Walk Out

Some students who support gun rights walked out of school on Wednesday in a coordinated event to “Stand for the Second.”

Not the millions who went to the Ariana Grande concert, but a walk out none the less.

Good for them. I’d like to see more and more similar protests nationwide.

I hope no one was injures in the rush of ‘‘dozens’’ of students ‘‘nationwide’’. :laughing:

I’d like to see the black community march armed.

Atta girl!

Anything you supporters of child killers want sweetie. :kissing_heart:

I want you to join the NRA.

National Rowboat Assc., I get seasick.

National Rifle Association.

That’s not a bad idea, me and about 30m other libs join and take it in a more rational direction.

:rofl: @ you thinking there are 30 million libs.

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Did you actually graduate from high school?

If you had an honest argument to make you would not have to resort to such hate filled, dishonest rhetoric as this.

I’ve only been following his lead.

Nobody led you to make that statement, it was purely of your own thoughts about the NRA and law abiding gun owning public.

That’s not right bordering on an a lie. The comments were in direct response to his comments.

You claim was a lie to begin with and it came solely from your own fingers, sneaky didn’t lead you there it was purely your doing.

Well, we’ll just agree to disagree.

The difference is that you have no facts to support your disagreement.

Sort of.