Another state GOP flips

Missouri district that both trump and romney won by 4

the Dems win the seat by double digits.
its the 42nd GOP seat to flip since trumps election

She sounds like an excellent choice. I hope she can deliver on what she’s promised.

It’s interesting that despite all these polls showing the gap tightening, Dems are still flipping competitive seats with relative ease. And some non-competitive too.

The tightening of the generic ballot is a tactic by the deep state to sow urgency in the ultra-left America-hating Venezuela-loving libs to make sure they illegally vote (because they aren’t real Americans) to overthrow the elected and should-be elected public servants that America-loving Patriots deserve as ordained by their Evangelical-Christian Diety.

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It’s so weird to read this after listening to our host’s show yesterday. Gingrich was on spouting about a Red wave at 100mph.

Republicans are losing about 20% of the seats they held so far in special elections this year. If that holds it’s going to be a rough November for them.