Another Standing Up To Cancel Culture Hero?

How about this guy, hero?

Giving this twerp national media attention over 666 shoes is exactly what he wants.

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You think they really have a drop of blood in them? I don’t.

Is he standing up to cancel culture?

Michael the Archangel might take exception to this foolishness.

Sure, but is he standing up to cancel culture?

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Who’s going to cancel this individual, he’s apparently a prince of darkness aficionado. The cancel krud dig that satan worship ■■■■ don’t they?

The Governor of South Dakota?

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The governer shouldn’t be citing bible quotes in an official capacity, he’s right to tell her to stuff it. Marketing those shoes to kids is pretty questionable too, but I’m not sure what could be done about it from a legal standpoint.

Why not?

Yes…in his own way.

I may not agree with it…but it’s price of freedom.


You’re on my team.

It’s the government promoting a specific religion.

No it’s not. Stop.


I don’t agree with this and I am not even religious. Holding office doesn’t mean you should have to separate yourself from your religion. She isn’t using her office to force religion on anyone. She is just saying what she believes. Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.


And it says “establish”. And “pass a law”.

Does Jbiden “promote” Catholicism?

Of course it is.

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? -Matthew 16:26.”

I am not sure why the Governor is commenting so seriously on footwear.

It offends her religious convictions.

Are we really going to have a Satanic Panic over marketing stunts?

Remember when KISS did it?

We all survived that.

Who cares? They didn’t make the shoes for her.