Another shooting of a black man. How long before this one blows up?

Few details on the case so far but wildly different versions coming from police and “The Family” of the subject.

This is why I love both vehicle and body cameras for police.

Will the truth matter though or will this be another excuse for violence by BLM and Associates no matter what the truth is?

“No information, must speculate wildly.”


Then perhaps you should actually read the op and the linked story. What details are known are present. The text I posted sufficiently gives a summary of the events and asks questions.

You are required to neither read my posts nor respond to them but don’t make claims that are factually untrue when responding.


Shot three times in the back.

Not looking good.

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There’s zero wild speculation in the OP.


That can be perfectly justifiable depending on the circumstances and we don’t even know that to be true at this point.

Wild speculations about BLM. That’s what this thread is thirsting. Asks for it with its closing question.


Lawful concealed carry gun owner shot in the back three times by police

It would seem that the NRA would be upset about this also.


Read your story. You made it about BLM.

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BLM will show us, probably soon, what its reaction will be.

If it is true and he was not shot justifiably everyone including the NRA should be upset about it.

That has yet to be proven at all however.

Are you going to enter into an actual discussion of the topic or just keep pissing on the thread?

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There track record in these cases so far is pretty poor.

They tend to jump on these shootings instantly attempting to set the narrative before any real facts are known beyond the fact a black man has been killed by police use of force.

Like the man shot after sexually assaulting his ex girlfriend, Casey Goodson was shot several times in the back. That’s part of what makes this shooting questionable, IMO.

Concealed carry permit & Goodson having no criminal record is other information that makes me wonder, maybe doubt, he was recklessly displaying his weapon.

Finally the police officer in question was not wearing a body camera. Why?

Am discussing how this thread started with your request to focus on BLM.

You made the killing about BLM.


Casey Goodson was shot several times in the back. That’s part of what makes this shooting questionable, IMO.

Again this is a claim being made by the family and others, not an actual known fact supported by evidence.

Patience. For once let’s let the facts come out before accepting this as factual please.

Shot in the back three times. While entering his own house… no prior record… no warrants… lawful conceal carry.

This is what we call intersectionality.

The NRA should raise bloody hell about this.

Will they though?


Don’t want it to be about BLM and your speculations?

Don’t start with BLM and your speculations.

You set the terms, man.


No, the discussion is about how BLM will react to it.

Try reading the story and the OP again.

Wondering how they’ll react isn’t an abnormal question at all given current society.

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