Another SCOTUS Thread

I was wondering why Trump was waiting until Saturday to nominate. Why waste the better part of a week when time is of the essence. He’s obviously made his pick.

He answered it today.

They are having Justice Ginsburg’s ceremony Thursday.

He’s waiting out of respect.

Well done President Knothead.

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It’s benefiting him somehow, or he wouldn’t be doing it.


He’s too busy having ego boosting super spreader events to be bothered?


Well this is disappointing.

I was sure there would be some congratulations for being respectful and acting Presidential.


It’s not in libs DNA.

Very disappointing. Good behavior must be recognized. Positive reinforcement.

Obama waited 5 weeks to name his SC nomination after Scalia passed away. Not in cons DNA for decency.



Obama was already in his second term and had 9 months left on it when Scalia died.
Do you think Obama would have waited if he was 5 weeks away from the election for his second term?

Her body will lie in state on Friday…yes well done.

Trump is moving fast but respectfully.

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We have election that is coming up…we need full court.

Trump finally gives respect a woman, and all she had to do was be a supreme court justice and die.

News cycle will be filled with Ginsberg memorials and pick speculation.

No need to move a day faster.

Virus fear fading as it gets bumped from headlines.

The day after she died he called her Granddaughter a liar about what she said her last words are.

Super respectful

Super shallow.

She doesn’t get to say and inconsistent with previous statement.

Why would anyone think that concern about the virus would be fading? We’re living with that on a day by day basis until we get a vaccine (and likely for a while beyond that as it takes a while for the vaccine to get distributed and take effect). A SC selection moves much much faster.

You proved my point.

Fear is over reaction.

Concern is a better term.

When one’s eyes view the world through the lenses of TDS, it doesn’t matter what Trump does or says…cuz…it’s simply…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad…period. :sunglasses:

Thought provoking. Thank you.

Why would anyone have to wonder? Wouldn’t Trump behaving respectful be everyone’s first assessment of his every Presidential move?

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We should praise and shower with love for what should be perfunctory and basic decency?

The compliant and obedient rightist Donaldophiles get more bizarre by the day.