Another school shooting. time for more thoughts and prayers

Goodness that’s idiotic. Liable for what?

Colt sells an at-15. It’s used in a crime that injures someone. The victim sues colt claiming they are liable for their injuries for selling a deadly weapon. Just like a second hand smoke lawsuit. Hit the gun makers with a few million dollar judgements and things will change.

That’s the idiotic part.

  1. It’s not against the law to sell a “deadly weapon”.
  2. Colt doesn’t sell to the public. None of the manufacturers do. In fact I believe they are prohibited from doing so.
  3. Due diligence as required by law has been usurped by your government.
  4. Unless the gun malfunctions, there is no liability. The manufacturer of anything is not responsible for misuse.


Middle School. Damn.

Holy ■■■■. I just read that the shooter at this MIDDLE SCHOOL was a STUDENT.

Of course he was. Have you ever shot a gun?

here’s the teacher that finally stopped the middle schooler who was shooting. he was shot three times.


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then why do gun makers need special laws to shield them from liability suits…
repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

if gun makers are so innocent they have nothing to worry about.

or else the will start losing lawsuits and change their tune

Look at your own post. Because of people exactly like you. “Lawful commerce” it’s in the name of the law.

They can be sued for defects. Remington is going through bankruptcy in part because of it.

Can you sue Dodge for making the Charger if you run it into a bus full of kids at 120 MPH?

You want to sue Colt because they built a gun that shoots bullets?

You want to sue Verizon because a kid was texting and driving?

You would put every manufacturer of every produce sold in the US out of business with such an idiotic law.

Why do these companies need special legislation to protect the from lawsuits?

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Gun makers aren’t given anything every other manufacturer doesn’t also have for their products.

Nobody is liable for you misusing their product.

Then why write a law to protect them specifically.

Because prior to it’s drafting democrats hadn’t been threatening such actions. As soon as they did the laws were passed to protect not just gun manufacturers but all manufacturers.

Until fairly recently in history no one would have entertained such an idiotic idea.

What do you mean by all manufacturers? The law wasn’t passed to protect car manufacturers.
I just don’t get why they get special treatment. Why is the law needed?

That’s why.

You do realize the law is called Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act? Have you read the actual law? If so, why are you lying and pretending it protects all manufacturers when it CLEARLY does not?

What difference does it make who was threatening legal action? If they have a case, they have a case… What’s your opinion on the Trump administration suing opioid manufacturers?

Because they were being specifically attacked.

A case of what?

So they are unable to defend themselves from charges of dumping, etc. so the GOP congress had to step in and protect their dumping?