Another school shooting. time for more thoughts and prayers

after all better that than actually doing anything

Hey, here’s a notion. Let’s try both.

  1. Arm teachers
  2. require background checks for private sales and increase age for sale.

One side says 1 will work, the other side says 2 will work, so let’s do both.

Better yet, lets fight about it. :rofl:

Another day in American that ends with a “y”.

No worries, everyone here has the correct answer to this “problem.” Just watch and see. :wink:

IC 35-47-9-2
Possession of firearms on school property or a school bus; defense
to a prosecution; possession of firearms in a motor vehicle parked
in a school parking lot
Sec. 2. (a) A person may not be charged with an offense under this
subsection if the person may be charged with an offense described in
subsection ©. A person who knowingly or intentionally possesses a
(1) in or on school property; or
(2) on a school bus;
commits a Level 6 felony.
(b) It is a defense to a prosecution under subsection (a) that:
(1) the person is permitted to legally possess the firearm; and
(2) the firearm is:
(A) locked in the trunk of the person’s motor vehicle;
(B) kept in the glove compartment of the person’s locked
motor vehicle; or
© stored out of plain sight in the person’s locked motor
© A person who is permitted to legally possess a firearm and who
knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly leaves the firearm in plain
view in a motor vehicle that is parked in a school parking lot commits
a Class A misdemeanor.

You left out the most important thing which is vastly increased funding for mental health.

I hate that I don’t really care, and I trying to fight it. But since the media is reporting these bleeding lead stories so much I’ve been overdosed on it. To the point that a single digit casualty count isn’t worth reading the article for and to the point that the problem feels insurmountable and not worth wasting concern for.

That’s part of the MO for mass cattle feed channels (news networks). They spend an hour making you feel sad, angry, hopeless, frustrated, etc…

Then as they close the hour out, they “leave on a happy note” and show a cute puppy or something. Sure is effective, look around. :man_shrugging:

Define casualty.

The story below this one was about cats when I looked.

Throwing money at it won’t do any good. We need a completely new system.

Cute kitties can be had all day. No need to suffer through an hour of BS stories and erectile dysfunction commercials first. lol

Pretty soon it will be 1 or more a day

what teh gun huggers dont realize that unwillingness to pass any type of gun curbs will result in eventually the passage of strict gun curbs without them having a say in the legislation. it may take 10 or 20 years but the tide is changing.

Yep… As parents become more and more afraid for their kids at school, the willingness to tolerate the current system will evaporate, likely quickly…

it will go from potential limits on thinks like ar-15’s and large magazines to total bans on them. and the courts will go along with it…

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So the courts will ignore the Constitution? They already are.

We did that already.

All it takes is repealing one law. The law barring gun makers from liability if their guns are used in a crime. Repeal that and the gun makers can be sued out of existance