Another "sane" ruling by a court, overturning an "insane" order

One ballot return box per county.

An insane order by Governor Abbott.

A Federal Judge rightfully told Abbott to get bent.

Abbott’s order would have worked well in Loving County, population 134. Not so much in Harris County, population 4,652,980. 2,357,199 registered voters as of 2018. One drop off box for 2 1/3 million people. Hardy har har.

Harris County will now have its original 12 drop locations scattered strategically through the county so that its citizens can actually vote without having to descend upon the center of downtown Houston.


And here I wanted to see what 4 million ballots in a single box looked like.

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the order has been stayed. crazy huh?

Do you think that 4.6 million people are going to use that one drop box? Are you implying that Dems are too stupid to vote early, vote in person on election day, or vote by mail?

That’s a helluva defense for having one dropbox for all of Harris County.

You really think 4.6 million people are going to vote by mail?

Just vote in person the way it has been done by most people “forever”.

Makes it harder for dems to cheat though doesn’t it?!!

What I read says one location, not one box.

It’s really hard to make the argument that Republicans aren’t trying to make it harder to vote.


Regular polls and normal voting are readily available. We all know what this is about…unfortunately. :roll_eyes:

If I live till wednesday i will proudly vote in person myself…just like I did in the primary.

They aren’t trying to make it harder to vote. They are trying to make it impossible to vote.

Well that makes it all better. LOL.

Yes. Yes we do.

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It makes the ridiculous accusations of one collection box for millions of people, false.

I am so glad I don’t live in Texas with this ridiculousness. The drop box could easily be at the local city hall. Having one location for the ENTIRE county is just a way to favor rural citizens over urban and suburban citizens.

Like I said, LOL.

Harris county is over 1700 square miles, larger than Rhode Island. I have been to Houston plenty of times and I can tell you that getting from one end to the other takes a LONG time, hours in fact. It is ridiculous to think that every resident in Harris has to access the same box/boxes at one location.

They have 87 post office locations, for example. But only one location to drop off the ballot?

It’s ALL about limited turnout. People making the arguments that it is not are either not honest with you or they are not honest with themselves.

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Oh, I agree, wholeheartedly. The way the GOP wins is to suppress the Democratic vote and gerrymandering. They certainly won’t win given an even playing field.

It isn’t suppressing the vote.