Another republican free speech group assaulted

Last week we had the maniac in Florida try to run down people in his car. This week we have this disgusting freak. What should the school do with this misfit? How can voting against this fascism be wrong?

get ready for “why do you hate free speech?”

That person should be arrested for assault

Charge them with assault, expel them fron the school

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I wonder why the examples that keep turning up, are the left losing it…on the right? We observed thousands and thousands and thousands on the right, protesting their 2nd Amendment rights, many with weapons and not only was their not one, single example of violence, even after the media attempted to coax it, those in the protest…cleaned up afterwards. The left owns the current division in our nation. The right is consistently traveling down the road that got them here, while the left has left their lane, gone far left…and spit on those who disagree…even with in their own party.

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OMG :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

You are serious?


Probably because Democrats don’t run crying to Fox News every time a Republican is mean to them.


Why are they losing it? They have a lot of hot heads. Spoiled ones at that. Especially among indoctrinated college age kids.

They thought they would never lose again(presidency) during the Obama years and it is just killing them.


Republicans are always the victims.

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Republicans are a protected class

Republicans would never do this.

Jim David Adkisson, author of a manifesto urging violent war against liberals, opens fire inside a Knoxville, TN Unitarian Church during the youth performance of a musical, killing two and wounding seven. He tells investigators all liberals should be killed.

Keith Luke, Brockton, MA: Luke, a neo-Nazi angry about the inauguration of Barack Obama, kills two and injures one in a rape and murder spree targeting “nonwhite people.” He is halted before reaching a synagogue, and later convicted of murder.

Dannie Roy Baker, Miramar Beach, FL: Baker, a former GOP volunteer angry about immigration, opens fire on a roomful of Chilean students, killing two and injuring three. He pleads no contest to murder.

Richard Poplawski, Pittsburgh, PA: Poplawski, a white supremacist, fearful of a plot by President Obama to take his guns, kills three police officers and leaving two others injured in a standoff at this home. Poplawski is convicted of murder.

James Von Brunn, Washington, DC: Von Brunn, a neo-Nazi seemingly influenced by Posse Comitatus ideology, walks into the U.S. Holocaust Museum and opens fire, killing a black guard. He dies while awaiting trial on murder and hate crime charges.

Ross William Muehlberger, Wichita Falls, TX: Muehlberger yells “White power!” as he shoots up a café, injuring four black and Latino women and killing one white bartender before killing himself.

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, sets off a car bomb in Oslo that kills eight people and injures 209. He then travels to a youth camp on the island of Utoya, where he slaughters 69 people, most of them teenagers. His online manifesto describes a right-wing war.

Wade Michael Page, Oak Creek, WI: Page, a member of the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation, kills six and wounds four during a shooting rampage in a Sikh temple, before killing himself.

Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. (aka Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr.), Overland Park, KS: Miller, a former grand dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, embarks on a shooting rampage at two Jewish community institutions, killing three. He’s found guilty of capital murder.

Elliot Rodger, 22, the child of a Hollywood producer, goes on a killing rampage in Isla Vista, CA, near the Cal-Santa Barbara campus, targeting women after leaving a mysoginist video explaining his actions. He kills six people and injures seven before killing himself.

Jerad and Amanda Miller, Las Vegas, NV: The Millers, married Patriot movement sympathizers who had spent weeks at the Cliven Bundy ranch standoff, go on a shooting rampage that kills three people, including two police officers, in Las Vegas. They are killed by officers.

Dylann Roof, Charleston, SC: Roof, a white supremacist radicalized online, joins a bible study session at the Emanuel AME Church, then opens fire, killing nine and wounding another. He is convicted on 33 counts of federal hate crimes, including murder.

John Russell Houser, Lafayette, LA: Houser enters a movie theater with a gun, killing two and wounding nine, before killing himself. Investigators find he praised Roof, and urged readers of his manifesto to target liberals for mass murder.

Allen Lawrence Scarsella, a white supremacist who had been infiltrating and filming Black Lives Matter protests, shoots and wounds five protesters at a BLM protest outside of a Minneapolis police station. Scarsella is found guilty of felony riot and assault charges.

Jeremy Christian, 35, who had participated in local alt-right rallies, begins harassing two Muslim women on a Portland commuter train; when three men intervene, he stabs all three of them, two fatally. At his arraignment, he declares he is standing up for “free speech.”

Stephen Paddock, 64, opens fire on a crowd attending a country festival at an open-air venue in Las Vegas with high-powered rifles, killing 58 people, injuring 851. Paddock subscribed to far-right conspiracy theories about guns and may have acted on those fears.

Alek Minassian, a 22-year-old self-described “incel” angry at women drives a van into a crowded shopping center in downtown Toronto at high speed and kills 10 people, injuring another 16, most of them women. He posted on Facebook his intent to begin an “incel revolution."


All you had to do was supply examples proving me wrong but…you couldn’t and so you whine…that the truth is whining. That’s not very big of you. I hope in real life, you’re better than this?

Lemme guess…you’ll post something from Charlottesville…cuz there’s nothing…amirite? :sunglasses:


Too busy throwing tantrums and no sharing their campus with diverse ideas.

Losers…every one of them.


Was there a point you were attempting to make?

You omitted:

Robert Gregory Bowers, a 47-year-old opponent of immigration, who murdered 11 people and injured six others during services at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, which was conducted shabbos services in honor of HIAS – the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. On-line, Bowers had accused HIAS of “bringing invaders” to the US.

FloridaYankee did a great job

Also almost all of these ended in severe injuries or death.

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