Another republican calls it quits: mark meadow

head of teh freedom caucus says he wont run for reelection and might not even finish out his term

another rat leaving the ship


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REP. MARK MEADOWS (R-N.C.), one of President DONALD TRUMP’S top allies, is not seeking re-election, and tells Playbook he could leave the House in the middle of this term to begin a new, yet presently undefined role helping TRUMP.


He’s only leaving one ship to get onto another ship.

According to the article Trump is going to give him a job in some capacity.

And probably pay him quite handsomely, as well.

Critter plans to abandon the Swamp for tastier spoils aboard the USS Trump garbage scow. Details at six.


New Chief of Staff?

Mick Mulvaney had insisted he is the “acting” chief.

I like Meadowa. My guess he’s planing on joining Trump administration and thus not running.

MEADOWS SAID he does not have a specific job with Trump locked down, but signaled he might try to work for his re-election campaign or in the administration.

A swampier trough beckons.

Yes and good riddance. It never turns out well for anyone working directly for TRUMP.


Seems like chief of staff is in his future.

Does seem like perfect fit too. The both could learn lot from one another.

And he will be 65 at end of Trump term. :wink:

This is going to go nearly as well as your Abortion Barbie for Governor thread.

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