Another recession warning

Their economic miracle just might happen…

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Yuck. that is a brutal day. Hope it turns around, but I think Corona virus is going to do a number on some earnings.

I’d be careful - if it turns a bit positive tomorrow, I think the middle of the week could be brutal.

This is based on no real expertise. I just have a memory of a couple mini-crashes, and the first dip recovering, then the big dip following.

Hope that’s not the case here.

There’s a lot of fears right now about how the CV is going to affect the global supply chain in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

Uncertainty always brings the market down.

As soon as they figure out where it’s all headed the market will adjust and come back.

Not really. It’s not a widespread restriction. So far just limiting travel back and forth to China and they’re pretty much out of business anyhow for the short term.

I think you are underestimating the effect of stopping flights to and from china. Chinese tourism is huge business. My small historic town in NJ sees 2-3 buses full of chinese tours a day in high season. And we’re like nothing in the middle of nowhere…

It’s definitely gonna rebound, and the stock market will definitely exceed 30,000 by election day.

The next recession will happen under a Democrat administration.

…and they will blame Trump. :wink:

Well, I hope you are right.

But what do you base this on? Just the notion that everything is great when Trump is in teh WH and Dems suck?

The recent run up in the stock market deserves a little pull back, and CV could well be the spark that triggers it. we’ll see.

The stock market doesn’t indicate a recession though. Obviously, CV is going to effect our economy as well as the stock market. Just a question of how long and how much.

Well, that’s one lib in this thread at least.

Keep the faith. :wink:

I don’t really understand what you are posting. You seem to just want to believe the stock market will always go up under trump simply because he’s trump and you want that to happen.

The CV is going to effect the stock market. This is bad for me personally, but it is a truth none the less. It has nothing to do with trump or dems.

I came into this thread to discuss these facts, not to twist it into some referendum on trump.

Well, that’s one lib in this thread at least.


I will say I was expecting a higher initial rebound today. It’s still early, but only up 40ish right now. Normally after a god awful day there’s a decent gain the next day.

Tomorrow is the day to worry about in my hack stock trader estimation.

2015? Ah yes, the good old days when the stock market was half of what it is today. :+1:


You just needed to talk to me is all. :wink:

Actually on February 25th 2015 the stock market was at 18,224. So, 65% of what it is right now. Just an FYI.

You have to admit, it’s funny the way there is a tweet for everything.

Also ‘Joans’.

Awesome, lets do some math.

1,000 of 18,244 is 5.4%

1,000 of 29,000 is 3.4%

1,700 is the new 1,000. Thanks for playing basic math. :hugs:

Ever wonder if it’s by design?