Another reason I hate the Police

Many on this forum are pro-police. Me, I have had numerous negative encounters with them, and try to avoid them like the plague. Most of my encounters with the police have been with those who choose to use their badges and guns to intimidate, coerce and bully to get away with things that they otherwise wouldnt be able to get away with.

Once a few years ago with my wife and daughter in the car I was actually pulled over for speeding by a police officer who acted like a normal human being… I was so surprised by his conduct that I actually sent a letter to his department commenting on his demeanor and professionalism. In that letter to his chief, I stated that he was correct to pull me over and issue me a citation. He acted very professionally with no drama and I just wanted them to know, he was acting as a police officer should.

Today we have an instance of a Police Chief not acting as a human being at all. He is acting more as a monster. This 63 year old Police Chief in Mass used his department vehicle, to meet up with a 14 year old boy to have sex. He had previously sent this child numerous explicit text messages to include asking the 14 year old his penis size.

Thankfully there was an adult behind the screen and not a child. The adult then had everything on camera to include all the text messages, and confronted the Police Chief when he showed up for their rendezvous.

Watch the posted video if you dare, but it really is disgusting.It starts at the 26 second mark

i ll bet you ll like them when they help you

Help with what? Could you articulate what they can help me with?

In my experience they never stop anything from happening, They show up after the event is over and fill out a report. The report then gets turned over to the insurance. If I wanted someone to actually show me some compassion, I wouldnt call a police officer, I would call a minister or a priest.

Both times I was robbed the cops caught them within a week. So they do just fine.

So wait. Because some cops are jackasses you hate ALL POLICE? Do you know how bad that sounds?

And what impact did that have on you? Was the satisfaction of them getting caught worth the robbery in the first place?

I dont care what it sounds like. We have had this conservation before. I dont like police.

they are bot there to show or be compassionate

but if you are in a situation and need them, you will be very thankful i m sure when they arrive

I had my Jeep broken into in my driveway once, stole about $1,000 worth of stuff …I went to the police station to report it…The cop at the window looked annoyed and told me to come back later they’re changing shifts…I didnt bother.

There are examples of horrid police, and examples of the best of the best.

There are times when I have abjectly hated an interaction with a cop, and times when an interaction made a positive difference in my life.

We can let one category or another determine our overall :+1: or :-1: if we want a binary opinion of cops.

We can also decide that it’s not a binary opinion at all.


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By the nature of the job, law enforcement attracts those who like to bully and throw their weight around. They like the feeling of power a badge gives them.

On the flip side they are many many police officers who are dedicated and have a desire to make a real difference in their community.

Law enforcement has to do a better job in ferreting out these bad apples.


Do you think Eric Garner was thankful they arrived? Do you think a police officer should be able to place a guy in a choke hold and kill him for selling loose cigarettes?

Do you think the 6 year old girl was happy the police arrived when they put her in handcuffs and arrested her at school? A 6 year old in handcuffs? Do you think that is acceptable?

What about the police handing out 500 dollar fines for people that wanted to attend a “Drive In” worship service? These people weren’t even getting out of their cars. They were at a Drive In Movie Theater. But the police thought it was OK to give them 500 dollar fines. Are you OK with that too?

Should a police officer that pulls you over for a minor traffic infraction have the power to search your whole vehicle? Well, if you do not consent, should he have the power to keep you there until a dog arrives? Once a dog arrives, the dog will want to please his handler and will alert giving them the power.

Too often, citizens are treated as the enemy, and not fellow citizens of this great country by law enforcement.

this is abuse. do you believe police abuse is the norm?

Oh I don’t know. Give you a ride 300 miles to see your son who is dieing in the hospital?

so he had her car moved to a secure location, and gave her a ride from Fillmore to Juab County.There, he handed Helen off to Trooper Jared Jensen, who drove her to Utah County.Jensen handed her off to Trooper Chris Bishop, who drove her to Salt Lake County.There, Trooper Andrew Pollard met her in Draper, and drove Helen all the way to Ogden Regional Medical Center.

She got pulled over for speeding, then when she went to leave, put the car in reverse instead of drive and hit the troopers car.

Utah officer shoots gunman through window saving girls

Or shooting through a window to kill a man with a kniff attacking two woman in their bedroom:

Bre and Kayli Lasley took turns tackling the man, who police identified as Robert Berger, after he snuck into Bre’s bedroom in Salt Lake City late Tuesday night. As Berger repeatedly stabbed Bre, a police officer arrived and shot him dead.

This one is a heart stopper. Car goes off the interstate, ends up on train tracks . . . . Trooper driving by see’s it and runs to try and pull the guy out before the approching train hits the car. This one is a video.

Ten’s of thousands of incidents like this . . . . but you only hear about the idiots like in the OP’s article.


Yes…For far too many individuals, I believe abuse is the norm.

So –

If officers have 10’s of thousands of contacts with the publid DAILY. Norm would be over 50% of the people get abused.

Why arn’t the news media just completely filled with complaints?

You seriously think that there are “tens of thousands” of incidents like those you posted happening? Granted, I do believe that there are a few good officers, but I feel the numbers of those few good officers pale in comparison to the bad officers I have encountered. Check out youtube if you want to see thousands of interactions with the police who violated peoples civil rights. From the instant the interaction starts, they are trying to gain the upper edge, all in the name of their safety and never in the name of the safety of the citizen.

That makes you a bigot. Because you have stereo typed an entire profession as evil. This is one of our local officers killed in the line of duty this year. I’m not sure how anybody can hate her. But apparently you do. Bewildering.

They are. But the big news media have a vested interest in keeping the numbers down. Ever hear of DWB(Driving While Black)? that is a real concern. Hear is a case of a you kid stopped while he was talking to his mother on the phone. Look how they violated his rights, and the mothers rights:

Killed in the line of duty this year and he hates her.