Another reason for blacks to turn against the DNC?

Apparently rich, white liberals don’t think that black lives matter. I guess black opinions don’t matter either. Four out of five blacks do not want police removed from their neighborhoods. But the diabolical libs are doing it by force.


Again it is rich white elitist snobs trying to tell Black Americans how they should think and feel.


And if you look at the poll , it’s 86% of all people who are against the defunding the police.

So if you went by just that statistic and equating it with support for DNC, Democrats should be getting a ceiling of 14% in national vote - probably less if you discount the green party vote.

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Democrats have used blacks for decades. Biden has been in office for 40 years and he says he can help the blacks. Why hasn’t he done anything up until now?


Because if you look at Biden past comments and record etc…you would know that answer. :wink:


Why do you single out rich white liberals? Were you under the belief that they are the only members of the BLM movement?

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Because I have contempt for what they are trying to do to America? Now I have a question for you. Why is my singling them out worse than them trying to force their will on people?


Honestly, no one wants police removed from their neighborhoods.

The whole concept is stupid.

Huh? What has he done?

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Tell that to AOC, Omar, Biden and the liberal city councils of America. They don’t care what people want. The voters have no idea what’s good for them. The elites want the cops out. So let it be written, so let it be done.

That is what is great about America. If folks want that then let them have it.

My neck of the woods? Never happen.

Exactly he hasn’t done a thing.

They are just words. Words people want to hear. Words people want to believe. Yet the track record speaks for itself. Amazing that this cannot be put together :woman_shrugging:

I know you refuse to accept this, but Biden has specifically said that he does not support defunding police.

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Perhaps you refuse to accept this, but I believe Biden to be a good man. I just think he is being handled by some very bad people who are taking advantage of him.

He can support not de-funding the police but that is a local matter. It isn’t something the President has power over.

Today Joe Biden asked a black NPR journalist if he was a junkie.

It was a hypothetical, not a direct question to the journalist.

I was replying to Altair.

LOL I seen that, heard that.

Yes…because the journalist was black is reason why he said junkie.

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