Another person who Claiming to be a native american

The key to this rational is a statement:.

“Team Bourassa — “an Indigenous collective who choose anonymity at this time” — said she is exercising her right to self-identify as indigenous and has not inappropriately taken opportunities or educational funding from indigenous people.”

Some Anglo Americans seen to have a problem with biological and ancestry truths.


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Her name is Carrie Bourass

In her defense, maybe she should get her DNA tested. AncestryDna and 23AndMe have christmas specials for testing.

She does not look much like her anglo sister. Maybe babies got swapped at birth by accident. ■■■■ happens.

She said that from an early age she felt she was different.

Native Americans and the other people here have been intermarrying for about 300 years now. I know 2 of my great grandmothers were native American, Huron and Chippewa. But their husbands were of European decent and the families lived as whites. My paternal great grandmother and her husband caught hell because Canadians really frowned on a European descended man marrying an aboriginal woman. Tribe now is more a factor of parents being registered in the tribe already, than biology.

Tribes day she was faking it.

Bourassa IIRC is her married name.

The term metis literally means a man who is mixed, and mixed in Canada implies both European and indigenous American heritage. The term for a woman who fits this description is métisse.

The trend of self identification as metis for tax purposes in Canada is fairly recent and not confined to this woman:

Per a Canadian émigré from Toronto in my circle of acquaintance, and this was about five years ago, the latest trend was to claim at tax time to be “half metis”. How someone can be “half metis”, as the term literally means mixed, blows my mind, but apparently the Canadian government is readily buying into these claims.