Another one bites the dust - Acting SECDEF Shanahan to "spend more time with his family"

Taking notes from UK

They need to come up something to replace ‘‘spend more time with his family’’.

Anybody got any ideas?

They have Baltimore Orioles season tickets?

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Spend more time smelling his own flatulence.

I need to spend less time with Trump’s family?

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Drink myself into oblivion?

Just don’t have enough time for family brawls?

Why are you blaming the victim of domestic violence again?

HIs wife said she was the victim

Yeah, that’s what she said but the cops weren’t buying it and all her kids are estranged from her. Would you hold a woman to the same standard, “sure she had the bruises and her husband was arrested but he claimed she hit him so who knows” right?

Probably more to it, and more incidences than we’ll ever know.

Uh huh.

Family stuff is tough and no one is perfect. Not going to throw stones here.

I think the point really is that the family is an absolute train wreck and it was a brazen act of deception by the administration to attempt to hide that fact.

It sure would be nice to have a “normal” administration again without all these actors.

“Plan his vengeance”? “Wax the flagpole”?

Drain the Swamp!

Nice try at a save. You tried to imply with your links he was the responsible person for the domestic violence.

You don’t know that he’s not.

Might want to read the article.