Another one bites the dust - Acting SECDEF Shanahan to "spend more time with his family"

And now Army Secretary Mark Esper will also be acting SECDEF, while we’re sending troops and ships over to the Persian Gulf. What could possibly go wrong?

(Edited to reflect that Mark Esper is the actual Army Secretary, not “acting”)

Trump likes actors. They get good rating on TV…

Fat donald hires only the best of the best.

spend more time with…Lucille?

Is there anybody in the Fat donald Administration and the Republican Party that is going to come out of this 4 year nightmare with any integrity or decency left? Asking for a friend.


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Trump fires people for having integrity.

So what makes you think he had no integrity or was dishonest?

So Trump tweets that he is withdrawing to spend more time with his family.
He is divorced and all of his kids are grown and do not live at home.
But it was a good line.


His family sounds a bit, um, dysfunctional:

Which makes you wonder what kind of not-so-extreme vetting went into his selection…

that makes


or is that ten since now there needs to be acting sec of army?


Maybe the truth is that he’s more like Herr Trump than we know…

…and he has more than one family that he wants to spend time with.

Maybe he didn’t ingratiate himself enough.

It seems like a temp staffing agency works to fill all these positions. A cadre of interns that are in an out before they can even get their gold plated desk name plates ordered.

A temp staffing agency would probably have more effective vetting.


Fat donald picked him…enough said.

We’ve been wondering why we have not gotten an FBI report. It has seemed slow to us. And now we understand why,” said Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, adding that he “didn’t know” about his ex-wife’s arrest for punching Shanahan in the face, nor his son’s arrest for attacking his mother with a baseball bat, until reports surfaced in USA Today and the Washington Post about the alleged incidents.

This is all perfectly normal.

Another quitter.

How does your government even run at this point.

Very ineffectively.