Another Norwegian lawmaker nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

I wonder why Trump got nominated - actually getting the UAE and Israel to normalize relations…

it isn’t like Trump talked about hope and change… Trump actually brought the parties to the table…

I wonder how much he paid Norway…


Most definitely more worthy then anything Obama had done.


Has Trump even started any new wars since being elected? :thinking:


Must be planning something. Reducing troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq has to mean something’s going on huh? :pleading_face:

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He is just pandering to the Ron Paul, Bernie Bro, anti war voters.

Actually Trump Doctrine is as effective as it is simple. International diplomacy and relations can be handled with economic motivations and not militaristic acts…while also having the best prepared military possible.

It is a nice nomination, I doubt he will win.


He has de-escalated when possible and took out Soliemani when other options ran out.

An impressive balancing act IMO.

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Trump should be nominated for the peace he’s brought to America.


It’s almost as if he’s the first non-warmongering President in the last 20 years. :thinking:


One could certainly make that assertion.

Might have to go back more than 20 years. Reagan? Maybe.


It’s almost like Trump had an international beer summit between the two…amirite? :sunglasses:

Good OP my friend.

…more like libs should be ashamed for the disruption they alone are doing in America.


From the party of “no justice, no peace” rioters.


Trump’s America.

There is no party when Trump represents all Americans.

Didn’t the last President to be awarded the prize immediately start a new conflict afterwards? :thinking:

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It’s hilarious you guys think that’s working.

Keep it up.

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You lost the plausible part of plausible deniability.

No justice, no peace, give me that burger and drink.

It’s not Trump’s America?
Whose is it, then?

Sounds right. He also bombed more countries than any president since WW2, killed American citizens and kept a “disposition matrix” in his desk drawer.

Very peaceful.

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I didn’t lose anything.
Trump isn’t going to win a Nobel Prize. Sorry.