Another Nobel prize nomination for the President?

His work with the middle east peace agreement was fantastic. The next example is a no brainer. Operation Warp speed was one of the most incredible and effective Government/ private sector partnerships in history. Delivering Covid vaccines in less than a year. Pretty amazing stuff.

I can’t nominate him. but somebody should.

No. He’s not deserving of it. Neither did Obama.

Of course he is. His accomplishments were amazing. Do you have a better candidate in mind?

Yasser Arafat comes to mind.

Or maybe we should give to that little girl who travels the world screaming “How dare you!” at people. Has a child ever gotten it before?

Heh…I was thinking Greta also. If only because she has my late grandma’s first name. :blush:

That was quite an accomplishment by the President, getting in a months long Twitter war with a Swedish teenager and having his butt handed to him.


I agree. Remember the fit liberals threw when Trump decided not to go to war in Syria? If he doesn’t get the Nobel who does?

This feels like some serious grade inflation and resume padding to pretend something about “all his great accomplishments.

Trump’s legacy is that of a shattered e inimitable directly related to his incompetency as a manager, along with all his character defects that prevent him processing information or acting as a normal person would.

Legislatively, his signature legislation was a budget busting tax giveaway and despite all that deficit spending, still the only President to never oversee annualized GDP growth of 3%.

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Quite clipping to change the meaning of someone’s post like you just did used to be santionable. Please don’t do that. It’s dishonest.

So? Is this something new? Where have you been? It has already been established by every liberal in this forum that I am a very bad man. And I don’t deny it. I will continue to be a very bad man. :smiling_imp:

I agree, as soon as the vaccines developed here are being used including outside the US.

I also agree you guys need to knock of the personal squabbling.

He already got one

Okay Cassius Clay :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: