Another Military Fighter Railroaded by the Military for Doing His Job!

This makes about 10 who the military leadership has railroaded for killing a terrorist in a WAR ZONE!

So disgusting!

Trump should pardon them all & fire every single judge, prosecutor, lawyer, & officer who had even the smallest thing to do with these kangaroo court prosecutions.

The “Witnesses” are Taliban or Al Qaeda who was behind the scenes recruited to testify against them. OF COURSE they are going to be happy to help out!

He was ordered to release the ePOW, and took it upon himself to kill the bomb maker instead.

I doubt the murder charge will hold up.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for soldiers who don’t follow lawful orders.


Can tell you never served in military, A lawful order is a lawful order if don’t follow it you are in the wrong. A military can not function on people thinking they know more than the leaders and going off and doing their own things. Also only a trully hate filled person would defend people killing a unarmed POW at anytime. What is it in people lives that make them hate the rule of law so much they want to lower ourselves down to level of the many thing the US is suppose to stand for?


The Major was ordered to release the suspected bomb maker. Instead this he shot the man in the head and tried to cover it up. I hope he rots in jail.


I was talking to OP, guess I hit wrong Reply thing and just posted it with out link it to OP post.


Now if this was WW2 and we found out that an AXIS officer did this to one of our men, what would have happened if that officer was captured after the war?. Would have been put on trial for war crimes right? We have to hold our own Military to the same standards as we do others.

I suspect this officer will at a minimum end up having to eat a charge for not obeying the orders that came down from his superiors. I guess the level of severity for the ultimate charges will depend on how good his counsel is.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: oh you betcha. He was a bomb maker without a bomb. Stick the barrel in his eye and run the gun dry. Embrace the hate.

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What do you think the Taliban do to their guys who kill American “POWs”?

Did the Germans try their own after the war for killing US POWs?

What Marine?

Is there some reason why this was drug out again? His trial isn’t till Dec 2nd and the OP’s article is from back in February… Tough news week for Trump supporters?


Wow. I’m really going to have to do some thinking about my continued association with this board. If standing up for the principles that made America great is going to be ridiculed on the board, the board has changed significantly since I joined.

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The board may have. I haven’t.

Don’t know why I made that mistake.

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Aren’t we supposed to be better than the people we are fighting? Or should we go around cutting heads off like the Taliban does?


The moral high ground gets you silhouetted and dead when fighting terrorists.

Sure. And put the heads on gate posts. Wouldn’t have taken 20 years then.

Feel free to run on over there and show us how it’s done.


Sooo, this prisoner was to be released and another guy executed him? If that’s accurate why would I feel bad for the guy that chose to be executioner?


Color me shocked to see some of the first responses are more Rambo fantasies from conservatives.


But oddly not the first Rambo. Which is actually very heart fealt about what war does to a man. A powerful sobbing Stalone at the end.