Another mass shooting - at least 12 dead in CA

I hope someone in senior leadership tweets some kind words of consolation soon, so President Nationalist can retweet “Yeah, what he said!!”

Damn. At a restuarant/bar/dance place. A policeman who was set to retire in month was killed.

What happened to the other thread on this?

Thats just what i was thinking. More mysterious deletions.

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Oh, well, thoughts and prayers! Their fault that nobody inside was also armed. Dumb California and their dumb gun laws? Next topic, please.


The president is on it…


It’s my understanding that all mass shooting threads get deleted from Politics or moved to the 2nd amendment board.

Lets all try to be more respectful to guns in this thread.


It was not moved to the 2A board.

I cannot fathom why a mass shooting is not considered poiitcial by the mods.

Have to wait a respectable amount of time after mass shootings to talk about guns.

Sadly we never reach that threshold between events.

Waits for the “assault on the 2nd amendment”

The NRA disapproved?

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Thoughts and prayers.

Very,sad!.. A country and western event attacked. Just a bunch of nice kids…

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It feels like these mass shootings are coming faster than every month and a half lately.

US marine vet, extended mags. Killed himself during.

Another mental health breakdown?

It’s time that PTSD be treated the same as other mental illnesses and be added to list of ailments that prohibits one from purchasing a firearm.


It also appears that at least 6 good guys with guns in the bar at the time of the shooting but were unable to stop it

Is there any evidence they’re more likely to be violent than gen pop? Typically the mentally ill are more likely to be victims overall.

Apparently he was known to police, which isn’t a good sign.

Well every time we have one of these shootings we hear how it’s a mental health problem not a gun problem