Another Live Rally! He's Hot! New Jersey, 4:35PM PST 1/28/20

Expected live at 7 p.m. ET: President Trump travels to Wildwood, New Jersey to host a campaign rally. This takes place after the president’s legal team concluded arguments in the Senate impeachment trial. #FoxNews

ME: Trump is the Anti-Nixon. He won’t allow impeachment to keep him locked up in a bunker.

Heck, The great Reagan and also W. held up in the bunker when times got tough. They were all wrong. Trump is the happy warrior, making America GREAT again!!

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From the live chat:

Karen Rehardt


Campaigner in chief.

I’m curious…What kind of person would wait for hours to watch someone speak, with who’m they won’t speak, and that they’re going to just nod in agreement with anything he says? What does one get out of that?

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Its fun. Its a “Happening”, man.
Most events are pains in the rear when you think about it, truth be told. But you want to say you were there.
Its like New Years Even in New York. Its horrible, its crowded, freezing, no place to sit… …but you can say you were there.

I am going to one.

More power to ya…I couldn’t do it, no matter who the candidate or speaker was…lol

you didnt swoon when mr Demosthenes obama spoke?


Meanwhile, at Joe Biden’s rally…

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Nope…I voted for him. But would never wait for hours to see him speak…not my thing

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Voting is good enough. :ok_hand::+1:

In what way are we using the word hot?

They should be handed out copies of the Mueller Report and the “Transcript” to read while waiting all those hours in line…maybe a copy of the Constitution too.


Because a logical person would expect as large a crowd in Iowa as one would just outside NYC.

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I’m beating that his handlers won’t be able to rein him in tonite and he’ll give us some bigly statements for quoting tomorrow.

Trump voters know the constitution. Thats why we know the impeachment farce is a joke.

And we LOVE the Mueller report. It vindicated Trump.

How can you compare trump to reagan?


When asked to do so, Trump couldn’t read the constitution out loud.


If you know the Constitution, why are trump’s supporters calling the Impeachment a Coup? And the Mueller Report in no way vindicated trump…I guess you didn’t read it. But feel free to quote the part that vindicates trump and prove me wrong.

It’s a “foreign language”.

This thread seems eerily familiar.