Another leftist ICON loses his mind

And it’s Kap…again.

The same Kap who y’all practically steam rolled each other trying to get behind. Now your heroic oracle of wisdom want’s to completely eliminate all prisons and all police. Sending all the gang bangers, murders, drug dealers, rapists and gun runners back to the hood. Without fear of being sent to prison or being harrassed by po-leece. I guess he’s also pretty pissed that Kyle Rittenhouse is still in jail too? How much of this stupidity are you willing to follow?

He’s a Loon.

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Why is this in politics?

C’mon man! :grin:

Good on him for speaking his mind. I still hope he gets his shot back in the NFL.

And why is “icon” capitalized?

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It’s a secret dog whistle technique. Now we’re gonna have to scrap it. :tired_face:

Do you agree with him? Time to free Rittenhouse?

Worshipped by even loonier loons.


I think his ideas are coming from the right place. But I don’t think abolishing the police and getting rid of prisons is currently feasible.

Yep. Does he even think about what it would be like with no police and no prisons?

Total lawlessness from the criminal elements. It would be worse than the wild west days.

At least they had local sheriffs and a US Marshall here and there along with judges, prisons, and hangmen.

If the right place is coming out of his arse, then I agree.

It’s not. So we don’t.

The answer is no, he doesn’t even think. Neither do his followers.

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If those ideas came from his brain, then he is goofier than I thought.

Well the criminal element probably is Giddy about the prospect of lawlessness and gangs trying to run everything.

Here is the essay.

People should read it.

I don’t agree with all of his conclusions but he does make a few good points imo.

And he also makes two really stupid suggestions. Yes?

Not too terribly stupid. It’s Absolutist… which never works no matter how one approaches.

It is basically about reallocation of resources.

Something that I think is long overdue.

Abolishing prisons is sound policy. It’s also sound politics.

Kap is no leftist.